Emil Forsberg : We are not here to buy Neymar, Mbappe or Messi

Emil Forsberg : We are not here to buy Neymar, Mbappe or Messi

Emil Forsberg, a 28-year-old Swedish international who has made a name for himself in Julian Nagelsmann’s Leipzig who disputes the Bundesliga to Bayern Munich himself (the Red Bull exceeds him by two points), touches his feet on the ground but does not give up to anything.

This Wednesday, the German leader plays the Champions League match against Tottenham.

“All we can do is follow our path and, if people want to try to prevent it, we will try to defeat them, in the field, not out of it. We are not so cocky as to say ‘we will be the best team in Germany’. We take it to step by step, we have to be humble and stay focused. We’re here, we enjoy it and we don’t try to step on anyone’s feet, ”

He says in an interview with The Guardian. Emil Forsberg is delighted with the philosophy of the youth betting club and it is clear that

“We are going in the right direction, more and more people feel with us and see that we are doing the right thing. We are not here to buy Neymar, Mbappe or Messi. We are here to buy young, formal players, play soccer and have fun.

Emil Forsberg who arrived in Leipzig in January 2015 from Malmo, was already a promising 23-year-old who caught the attention of better clubs. “I admit that I had to search Google for Leipzig’s interest, but Ralf Rangnick convinced me,” then the coach of the team. “I was a good left winger but he made me a great 10.” He also praises Nagelsmann: “I think he made me better and improved the team,

Emil Forsberg is the son of Leif Forsberg, who was also a footballer, forward of the Swedish GIF Sundsvall. “When I reached the first team, everyone said it was because of my father. That gave me more motivation to play even better and I think I showed everyone that I got there to stay. That’s when you have a father who is a little famous and you have to deal with it. I always had a strong will and I was sure I was going to do it, ”he says.

Although he did not play as much as he wanted, Emil Forsberg is full of confidence and hopes to play Wednesday at White Hart Lane: “You could see me playing anywhere; It’s not about showing off, but I feel I have the qualities.

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