Fernando Carro: Canceling the Bundesliga is not an option


The Spanish CEO of Bayer Leverkusen analyzes the crisis in Bundesliga

Bayer Leverkusen is one of the greats of the current Bundesliga and the CEO is Spanish: Fernando Carro. With German education and a Spanish soul, this manager analyzes how the crisis is affecting the German tournament. He does it from Madrid, where he lives these days isolated with his family, before traveling to Leverkusen shortly.

It remains to be seen how it will be distributed, and we will decide later when more is known about who this crisis is damaging. that was an initiative to demonstrate that the solidarity of the greats was effective. It came from us in a meeting that all the teams of First and Second.

There is a very good relationship between the leaders of the greats, and we agreed together.  Each country has its own particularities. In general, in Germany, at the business, government or soccer levels, we try to be clear about what everyone’s goal is and work together to achieve it.

Here we have had coalition governments, for example Perhaps this is a country where these types of joint actions are more common. In Spain, it would be more difficult, not impossible. Our goal is for the 18-club Bundesliga to survive. If a third of the clubs disappear, there is no point in the League as such. It is a joint task. The goal is for no club to disappear. At the meeting on March 16, the Bundesliga already urged us to have an individual liquidity plan for each club if the tournament did not resume soon.

The reality is that, based on the analysis carried out by the DFL, some Second-tier clubs and some of Primera could have liquidity problems if it were not played.

Cancel the League

Restart the League on May 2 or 9 behind closed doors, These are dates that have sounded. In case it can be played, it is clear that we must have realistic and feasible scenarios. If we play, it will always be with the yes of the political and health authorities. On April 17 we will have a new meeting

A working group studies the issue of playing without an audience.  What is clear is that, at the moment, it would always be played behind closed doors.  It is ruled out with the public unless it was played until September or October and even then it would not be guaranteed.

“It is not being raised right now. At the meeting of the 17th, we must see what realistic options there are, with the prior political yes. The desire and the objective are to play. Cancellation is not an option.”.

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