Julian Nagelsmann fears Manchester City will want ‘juicy’ fee for loanee Angelino

Julian Nagelsmann fears Manchester City will want ‘juicy’ fee for loanee Angelino

Julian Nagelsmann want to sign loanee Angelino

Julian Nagelsmann signed Angelino on loan for the rest of the season in January and he is already keen on making the deal permanent.

Angelino has just arrived at RB Leipzig and already put Nagelsmann in his pocket. His performance in the victory against Tottenham (0-1) in the first round of the Champions League has earned him not much praise.

He exhibited his full potential with his permanent ups in the attack. “Intuitively, he does things very well. He thinks long before the matches what he should do, even if in a four-way line he is not as stable,” says the coach of RB Leipzig.

Against Tottenham, he gave war since the initial whistle. At 2′ he had already shot Lloris’s post. He was also the player who tried most field dribbles (4) and completed (4). He was also the fourth field player who recovered the most balls (7) and completed the most steals (4).

“Angelino has to do things differently than he did with Pep Guardiola in Manchester City, but he has adapted incredibly fast. He is the only newcomer who has already adapted to my way of thinking about football. He is so offensive, so fast … “says Nagelsmann.

He has played only four games with the ‘bulls’, but his intensity and aggressiveness in the attack have caused that Leipzig already begins to consider executing his purchase option at the end of the course. “It has a juicy price (30 million), but first you have to see what we have in the wallet,” suggests Nagelsmann.

The coach of RB Leipzig has warned his team side that they will have to shell out a ‘juicy’ fee if they are ready to sign Angelino on a permanent deal from Manchester City.

However, RB Leipzig’s side believes Manchester City will demand a big fee for Angelino, who has already made a strong start to life in Germany.

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