Atletico Madrid knocked out Liverpool out of Champions League

Atletico Madrid knocked out Liverpool out of Champions League

Liverpool (2-3) Atletico Madrid (2-4) aggregate: Atletico Madrid qualify for Champions League quarterfinal

The Atletico Madrid is in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. They did It after suffering and resisting for 90 minutes, against  Liverpool who always sought a goal. Klopp’s squad will not retain their Champions League Crown.

Liverpool had scored two goals, enough to pass the round, but it was a Slovenian thing that he didn’t multiply that production by two or three. But on the other side, nobody gives up. Atletico Madrid removed from the center and played with precision until Joao got rid of his marker with a magnificent maneuver and enabled Costa in un-marking. That ball lacked a meter of travel so that Diego could hit it without forcing, the fact is that he left next to the post.

The ‘red’ squad took a few minutes to get cruising speed, but within a quarter of an hour it already collected a header from Wijnaldum and two separate shots from Salah and Oxlade, the first and third most glorious Oblak, the second directly outside. Local harassment was as constant as visitor solidarity was insufficient.

It was not that they were very clear occasions, but the Slovenian goal had yet to appear to avoid one of Mané precisely to the counter and a poisoned lateral service that Firmino sought without finding him.

The intermission was approaching without goals but there is never a truce. Saul was seen at the seams once when he did not bother Oxlade’s appearance in front of Salah, and the English service found the ever-present head of Wijnaldum, who bit him to make it unreachable.

In Second Half:

Alexander-Arnold ran into Oblak and the continuation of the play gave Trippier to block Robertson’s shot. In other words, the right-back and the left-back of Liverpool looking for the goal. With Salah the first, with Mane the second, with Oxlade the third, this paragraph started with the fourth as many went outside and even the crossbar lent a hand on Robertson’s header. Atletico Madrid had enough to survive.

Llorente for Costa, to meet the ingratitude of a guy who has always offered his trust. The gestures were over, almost everything had been left over. The last play of the game was a goal annulled to Saul after header to the services of a lateral fault.

The offside was evident and the staff suspected that the few seconds it took for technology to ratify the line’s decision were going to be the only joy that the night would leave, but in any case, it was necessary to play 30 more minutes. Suddenly Adrian misheard when clearing and lent it to Joao, who was running without bellows, who had not looked when he had it, but who was there ready to put it on Llorente on the edge of the area.

Marcos adjusted it next to the post and Anfield gaped that the ball entered and that Atletico Madrid was not dead. And as only the one who gives up fails, then the second arrived, with Morata assisting Llorente, and the third, with Llorente assisting Morata. There was no trace of the champion but the pride to which the first goal conceded supported by Oblak, Atletico Madrid had done it.  Now the same thing stops the Champions League, you know, anything can happen, but there will be no one to forget the night of that day..

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