Bayern knock down PSG and complete their triplet with the Champions League

Bayern knock down PSG and complete their triplet with the Champions League

Bayern Munich is the new champion of Europe. In a final that did not meet the expectations previously generated. The German team managed to consummate its triplet thanks to a solitary goal from Coman; the surprise in the eleven of Flick; which sat Perisic in the 59th minute. Neither Neymar nor Mbappe managed to give PSG their long-awaited first Champions League; because when they tried, especially in the first half; they always ran into Neuer, a sure thing under the sticks. Coutinho, who entered the second half; won the Champions League that he could not win with Barca; and it will now be necessary to see if Koeman takes advantage of it for his Barca project.

Champions League: PSG vs Bayern Munich Match overview

From the first minute, it was noticed that there was something very big at stake. Neither PSG nor Bayern showed that superiority from previous matches, especially the Germans. Errors and inaccuracies in the first minutes of the game were constant. Those of Flick sought to press up and, although the Parisians began to suffer; little by little they managed to move forward.

Unsurprisingly, the PSG trident suffered to receive a ball; but when it did, the sense of danger was immediate. After two warnings from Mbappe, who managed to clear the German defense; in minute 18 Neuer appeared to avoid the 1-0 with a double stop. First, he rejected a shot from Neymar from the ground with the left; after a good assist from Mbappe and in the rebound; which Neymar himself picked up and gave it to Di Maria; he put his leg back in to clear for a corner.

Far from being intimidated, Bayern’s reply was almost immediate. In minute 22, Lewandowski, who until then had not entered the game; managed to control a center from the left from the back and; after turning fired with his right to crash the ball into Keylor Navas’ right post; who finally overcame his muscle problems and started.

Once the initial respect was overcome, the match entered a give-and-take phase. The PSG needed very little danger to reach the opponent’s area. A long pass from Marquinhos was received by Mbappe; who accelerated immediately, combined with Neymar and this one with Di Maria; until the Argentine, already inside the area, gave back to Herrera and he returned it; but the Argentine, only against Neuer, sent the ball to the clouds. In this demanding action, Boateng, who arrived between cotton wool at the crash; had to retire injured and leave his place for Sule at 25 minutes.

Bayern knock down PSG and complete their triplet with the Champions League

After another shot from PSG, through the Spanish Herrara from the front; Lewandowski again put Navas in trouble with an acrobatic headshot; which forced the Costa Rican to stop the ball twice. Resigned to ending the first half scoreless; there was still another chance for each side. A gift inside the Alaba area, which left a free ball to Mbappe; the Frenchman failed to take advantage of it; who again ran into Neuer, Bayern’s best in the first half.

On the next play, Gnabry replied with a cross-shot from the right; but Navas also stopped it and, on the horn, Bayern claimed a penalty that neither the referee nor the VAR conceded.

The script for the resumption was the same as at the beginning of the game respect and imprecision; until Coman, the unexpected hero decided to be the protagonist. The French winger, out of PSG, was the executioner of his former team. In the 59th minute, he took advantage of a measured pass from Kimmich from near the area to connect a header and beat Navas. Only two minutes after scoring, Coman himself shook the game with a dead center; which Kimpembe, from the ground, managed to clear with his head when Lewandowski already had the cane ready to push the ball. Coman, unleashed, returned to bring the danger of Bayern to the Navas area with another dangerous center that Thiago Silva clears under sticks.

Inexplicably, with Coman being PSG’s nightmare; Flick decided to switch to the extreme with Coutinho taking his place and Perisic doing the same for Gnabry. The mission was for Bayern to control the ball more, but it cost them. Again Neuer had to appear to disrupt a clear shot from Marquinhos is an arrival of the Brazilian to the area

From then on, the game spent almost more time idle than in action. Between the changes, Tuchel tried to put all his artillery – although he surprised by putting Chupo-Moting before Icardi. With Bayern trying to hold the 0-1, neither Neymar nor Mbappe managed to make the difference. The Brazilian tried something else, but his contribution was a high shot and a center-kick on the horn that Chupo-Moting failed to finish off on goal, In the end, justice was served and Bayern, who were not the steamroller they exhibited until the final; lifted the sixth Champions League in their history to complete their treble of the season.

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