Bayern Munich thrashes Lyon and already awaits PSG in the final

Bayern Munich thrashes Lyon and already awaits PSG in the final

Bayern is already waiting for PSG in Sunday’s Champions League final against PSG after beating Lyon in a great first half in which Gnabry put the ground in the middle with two goals that raised, by then, the goals of the Bayern in this Championships in only 10 games played. In the end, with 0-3, there are 42 total goals. Bayern is an offensive steamroller and this Wednesday gave the feeling that they were scoring when they wanted to. Lyon had their ‘chances’ but did not take advantage of them and went through the Bavarian roller later. A German scoring machine based on a privileged physique, the best of the moment in Europe.

Lyon, despite the result, had a good game. Plan A came out because he had chances but you can’t miss so much against Bayern. And Lyon failed. But he played a good game. The Bayern was much higher even in the first part in which Lyon had the unique and rare opportunities to have been in the final in Lisbon. The German team, with a very advanced defense, allowed two perfect opportunities for Depay (minute 4) and for Ekambi (16 ‘) that did not enter by a miracle.

The first hit the side net; the second went to the stick. And, from there, Lyon died without a plan B that would provide an alternative to those failures in plan A. Thus, Gnabry, in the 17th minute, scored the 0-1 that began to turn the semifinal in red. A great goal after a perfect diagonal that began the dominance of this Bayern that amazes all of Europe.

Bayern Munich thrashes Lyon and already awaits PSG in the final

In minute 32 ‘Gnabry scored his 9th goal in nine Champions League games (he scored 12 in the Bundesliga) to certify German dominance, with these two goals already in the first half, 11 shots on target, 70% possession. Lyon had little to do. With that goal, Gnabry (9) and Lewandowski (15) have signed 24 goals of Bayern’s 42 in this Champions League. Only PSG, with 25, has scored more than that Bayern duo. In the second part, and with 0-2, the script of the first was repeated a bit. A dizzying first minutes for Lyon, with a heads-up missed by Ekambi, again, but there was no goal. And there your options ended. Dembele came in for the star Depay and Lyon died. The French crashed, the few times they arrived, against an immeasurable Alaba; who continues to win all the duels he has played in this Champions League.

The second half continued with rhythm, but without major shocks, good news for Bayern, who were playing with the result and already thinking more about Sunday’s very final against PSG. Lewandowski, in the final minutes, scored with a header, making it 0-3 and raising his scoring count to 15 in this Champions League, just two from Cristiano’s record (17). With this final achieved, Bayern tie with Milan with 11 finals in the European Cup, and only Real Madrid with 16 surpasses them. Bayern has won five and lost five so far. The match was refereed by the Spanish ‘Toño’ Mateu Lahoz, who had an exceptional performance, without notable problems, but tuning the final very well.

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