CAS revokes the ban and Manchester City will play in Champions League

CAS revokes the ban and Manchester City will play in Champions League

It was a long month, eternal for many in Manchester. But the wait is over. The CAS punctually announced that it revokes the sanction that UEFA imposed on Manchester City; so that Guardiola’s team escapes a severe punishment and allows him to play in Europe. A relief of incalculable proportions, especially since sporting viability involves having a presence in the Champions League. The City was confident at all times, through Ferran Soriano and also Guardiola, to whom a much more flattering horizon appears. Manchester City must pay UEFA a 10 million euro fine.

When It All Began?

It all started in November 2018, with the leak of ‘Football Leaks’ to the German magazine Der Spiegel denouncing; that the City had manipulated its sponsorship contracts with the intention of circumventing the financial control of UEFA. According to the information, the value of those agreements was artificially multiplied through the sheik of the English group. Which supposedly introduced private capital without the European body knowing anything about it.

Manchester City was slow to respond at the time. The purpose of attacking the image and reputation of the club is clear and organized. He wrote in a note in which he wanted to insist; that he was going to defend his interests against a series of claims taken from the context with the material; that had been hacked through the email of people who either work in the City or were associated with the club for commercial matters.

UEFA and ECA : Leagues in July and European tournaments in August

Despite the fact that UEFA could not comment at the outset to preserve its confidentiality; an independent group of this entity starts an investigation in March 2019; to discover if any irregularity was actually committed. The study will focus on finding out whether it has been violated financial fair play, he said in a statement. City also replied, saying it welcomed UEFA to try to shed light on a case of speculation by a number of media outlets.

A few days later, The New York Times revealed; that several members of the Financial Control Body were pressing to increase the punishment to the City if they had not acted well. They were proposing to UEFA a sanction that prevented the Manchester team from playing in Europe. Given the complication of this matter; the City wanted to advance to the events and filed an appeal with the CAS after defending as active and passive that it had not committed any fraud.

However, the request was not accepted for processing in the first instance; because the City had to exhaust its legal alternatives before resorting to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Meanwhile, the English team denounced that UEFA did damage by leaking data on the case to the press. “They have systematically broken their own confidentiality obligations,” City said. Little would that statement matter. The UEFA was unforgiving two years without playing in Europe and a fine of 30 million euros.

The City got down to work, who was disappointed but not surprised by a news story that was covered in half the world, “The allegations are false,” said Ferran Soriano, CEO of a team that was threatened by a tremendous shaking. Without Champions, he going to stop entering around 200 million; but also some players began to doubt his permanence in Manchester. De Bruyne was the first to speak openly on the subject.

The City, however, wanted to reassure everyone. They never lost faith and Guardiola had to step out on more than one occasion to confirm his confidence in the club. “I am optimistic and we deserve to play in the Champions League next year,” he said. After presenting his arguments to the CAS between June 8 and 10 for sentencing. Both City and UEFA express the same terms; both were satisfy while waiting for a resolution that has been delayed for a month.

More than thirty days later, and after a nervous wait, there is already a resolution. The Court of Arbitration for Sport finally revoked the City’s sanction and Manchester City will allow it to play in Europe. In exchange, he will have to pay a fine of 10 million euros for not cooperating with the UEFA authorities. However, the victory achieved in Lausanne is a morale boost for the team before facing the clash against Real Madrid. The UEFA, meanwhile, suffers some disrepute by its policy regarding the financial control of clubs.

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