Chelsea vs Bayern Munich: Gnabry drive Chelsea towards Champions League exit

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich: Gnabry drive Chelsea towards Champions League exit

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich: Champions League Match report

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich: Bayern Munich has one foot in the quarter-final after beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

It is true that this Chelsea is not that of other seasons, but the level shown by Bayern Munich at Stamford Bridge is like to take it very seriously. Point another name to the favorites list. The German giant is back.
The physical deployment, the speed in the movement of the ball and with many of its best players in an excellent form make Bayern a very dangerous team. In addition, this year he is not walking in the Bundesliga, which allows him to be competing for every weekend, something that did not happen in recent years from February-March. Years may pass, but the quality of Robert Lewandowski is not that it does not decline, it is that it is going to more.

His transcendence in the game of Bayern goes beyond the goals he scores. Virtually all the offensive contribution goes through it and, in addition to scoring, the Pichichi of the Champions serves it to the teammates. And beware, because Poland is Spain’s rival in the European Championship.

This 19-year-old who ‘found’ Bayern in the Vancouver Whitecaps of Canada has not only made a dent in the 11th of the German team, is that he is at the crack level. And being extreme, he is acting sideways as if he were leading a lifetime, demonstrating a technical ability, a physical condition, and amazing speed, as evidenced in Lewandowski’s 0-3 (Chelsea vs Bayern Munich).
Jorginho did the nonsense of the game, still protesting with 0-0 a foul that had already been called in favor of his team to take a yellow that will prevent him from playing the round. Chelsea already has it very complicated, but the Italian international’s gift makes it even more difficult.

Nor was Marcos Alonso very lucky. With 0-3 he could get frustrated and in full run, without the ball, he let Lewandowski‘s arms drop in the face that earned him the direct red.

Chelsea could take a win already to rest for the number of occasions received, but when he arrived he did so with great danger. That was until Bayern Munich moved forward. The Lampard team does not have the quality of other years, but it cannot be said that it does not put 100%..

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