Europa League: Lukaku and Eriksen seal Europa League progress

Europa League: Lukaku and Eriksen seal Europa League progress

Again on the shore and facing the end. Again walking the name of Getafe throughout Europe. This is how this modest team is that has shown that with work and pride it is possible to fight against the greats. Although he has run out of the Europa League. Getafe did not deserve to end the season like this. He played a great match, he largely overcame Inter who is lethal. Upstairs has talent at the back of the checkbook. Lukaku first and Eriksen after he missed a penalty Jorge Molina separated the Getafenses from the dream of the Final to eight.

Two missed penalties have ruined a season that pointed to outstanding. The one of Jaime Mata in La Nucia left without Europe those of Bordalas, who also go on vacation after the mistake by Molina that could have given the tie. It’s the cruel thing about soccer. The staging of Getafe was exquisite. Bordalas populated the center of the field with Maksimovic making the second point ahead of Timor and Arambarri and went to pressure the Inter field. It didn’t take him a minute to show his intentions. Arambarri stole, he came out fast and Mata did not arrive by a miracle on goal. The next time, Handanovic pulled a Maksimovic header off the line.

Europa League: Match Overview

Getafe managed the game without a trace of the foul play Conte spoke of in the previous one. Jaime Mata had it in a frank ball inside the area that Bastoni took out and it was once again shown that Bordalas’s men lack a goal. Quite the opposite of Inter. Having a partner like Lautaro and Lukaku is insurance. One, the Argentine, plays space very well. The other, the Belgian, wins all the duels. They don’t need anything just to generate goal situations. Lautaro took advantage of a mistake by Timor to test Soria and from there, the game changed.

Europa League: Lukaku and Eriksen seal Europa League progress

Another from Lautaro and Lukaku’s goal winning in the melee against Etxeita served to put Inter ahead. He’s already been 30 this season. A lot had to row a Getafe from behind on the scoreboard. He did not lose face to the game, but with what he had on the field he did not give it. He needed more wood. Angel, the one with the most goal of the entire squad, started for Maksimovic and returned to 4-4-2 for life.

Getafe took a step forward in pursuit of the tie. The harassment of Handanovic was followed by an electric Angel who revolutionized the attack. But the goal was still missing. The damn goal that didn’t even come from a penalty. A hand inside Godin’s area, with VAR included, gave Jorge Molina the possibility of putting the tie, but he threw it out. Again the curse of penalties. Then Eriksen gave the lace to a Getafe who said goodbye to Europa League with pride and head held high.

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