Messi, Ansu, Coutinho, Pedri and Dembele on target as Pique see red

Messi, Ansu, Coutinho, Pedri and Dembele on target as Pique see red

The entry of Koeman’s Barca into the Champions League ended with the Dutch coach’s first European ‘hand’. A party that makes the team grow in self-esteem and that was a boost to the young people, but that had a toll in the form of a penalty and a red one for Pique that brought unexpected suspense to the final stretch of the game and entails the loss of the central defender for Turin. A very expensive penalty, which however did not obscure the joy over Messi’s goals, which unblocked the team after a cold start, Ansu (great goal), Coutinho, Pedri, and Dembele, with the assistance of Leo.

Koeman’s team, which gave Griezmann and Busquets a break from the beginning so that Trincao and Pjnaic made their debut as starters, gained confidence in a good match that brought moments of brilliance and fun. Ninety minutes that arrive at an opportune moment, after having scored only one goal in the two previous games. And they allowed Koeman to give more breaks even than he had in the starting eleven: already 3-0, the dosage arrived. Barca played with rhythm, created chances, and put pressure on Ferencvaros. But he also suffered from transitions, very fast, of the Hungarians, one of which complicated the final section of the crash, with which Sergio Busquets ended up leaving, when it was not planned, to give a touch of pause.

Because, despite the 2-0 with which the first half ended, and which allowed us to face the second with some tranquility, it was Messi who had to unblock a game that had become worrisome at a strange start. Leo caught the ball from the right, invented one of his great plays, and, after three dribbles and having entered the area, he was knocked down for free by Laidouni. He himself scored, opened the scoring, and reassured the team.

And it is that, until that moment, Ferencvaros had known how to take advantage of turnovers in worrying areas to launch long balls that were looking for Nguen. Result: a goal disallowed for offside when they made the pass, before beating Pique’s back, dribbling Lenglet and shooting Neto; and above all a kick to the stick of Sael, after a drop from Nguen’s heel.

The good moments of the Barcelona

Messi, Ansu, Coutinho, Pedri and Dembele on target as Pique see red

The Hungarians had warned, but the reaction that came after Messi’s play tensed Barca, which until that moment had played with a point of apathy. Trincao, on the right, began to face and unbalance. A center from the Portuguese found Ansu Fati, whose shot led to a save from the goal of the Hungarian team, who again pulled out a prodigious hand against Trincao, who had entered the area and stayed very close to the goal.

Finally, the second came through Ansu Fati, after receiving an assist from the Dutch De Jong, a magnificent assist after receiving from Ansu himself, growing in-game and confidence as the minutes passed. The completion of the play was superb and gave the team peace of mind. The third, from Coutinho, came after a great assist made by Ansu Fati with the heel, a work of art, after receiving from Messi, which he had received from Pjanic before facing the defense in the area. Cou’s resolution was equally magnificent.

The final suspense

When everything was ready for a festive and comfortable end of the game, a long ball to Nguen, who again won the back of Pique, led to a penalty and expulsion of the Catalan central defender, who grabbed the striker although the grab was mutual and had been taking place long before entering the area. Kharatin scored and in the final stretch the party got complicated.

But that’s where Dembele arrived to go out in a devastating counterattack to get to the bottom line and give Pedri the death pass, who got the four, providential. And the French stayed for the fifth, a pass from a generous Messi.

Barcelona vs Ferencvaros: Match Overview

Barcelona Team Line-up:

Net, Sergi Roberto (Junior, 62 ‘), Pique, Lenglet, Dest, Pjanic (Sergio Busquets, 76′), De Jong, Trincao (Dembele, 62′), Coutinho (Araujo, 70’), Ansu Fati (Pedri, 62 ‘), Messi.
Ferencvaros Team Line-up:

Dibusz, Botka (Lovrencsis, 77′), Blazic, Kovacevic, Civic (Heister, 63′), Kharatin, Siger, Laidouni (Somalia, 64′), Zubkov (Mak, 71), Tokmac Nguen (Boli, 71′), Isael.

Laidouni (32′), Civic (44′), Kharatin (85′), IKovacevic (90′).

Red card Cards:
Pique (68 ‘)
Goal: 5-1
1-0, Messi, pen. (27′); 2-0, Ansu Fati (42′); 3-0, Coutinho (52′); 3-1, Kharatin, pen. (70′); 4-1, Pedri (81′); 5-1, Dembele (89 ‘)


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