PSG will play its first Champions League final

PSG will play its first Champions League final

The millionaire PSG project, with Neymar and Mbappe at the helm; and which is justified only by an ‘Orejona’ in its windows; will have the opportunity to reach its zenith next Sunday in Lisbon, in the Champions League final; either against Bayern or Lyon. The French team, led by the French-Brazilian pair in the attack; and with the contribution of an excellent Di Maria left RB Leipzig, Atletico’s executioner in the quarterfinals, without an option; which he practically left on the ropes before the break, to end up winning the match 0-3.

The PSG was favorite before the squad amazing Nagelsmann and confirmed on the lawn. It seemed that the German team weighed the responsibility of playing their first European semifinal and; soon found themselves outmatched by a rival revitalized by the presence of Mbappe and Di Maria; who with their speed began to enter the defense like a knife in butter.

RB Leipzig vs PSG: Match Overview

Neymar was able to open the marker after six minutes when he sent the ball to the base of the post after a filtered pass from Mbappe; and immediately afterward the Brazilian had a goal disallowed by hands. The PSG played before a pleasure Leipzig that did not have the ball in his possession by advanced pressure from the French; that the next they had before under Gulacs I already did not fail. Di Maria launched a lateral free-kick and Brazilian Marquinhos emerged in the heart of the area too; with an accurate header sign the 0-1 (13′).

The goal gave Tuchel’s men even more wings; who continued to carry the jug to the German fountain. They were about to break it again in a kick from Mbappe, after assistance from Ander Herrera; who managed to get Gulacsi ‘in extremis’. From Leipzig in attack hardly anything; only one counter that ended in a Laimer center and a shot from Poulsen that went just off. The shock did not daunt PSG, which continued to encircle the German area; and Neymar again ran into the wood in a lateral free-kick that surprised locals and strangers.

It was the prelude to what would be the second goal for the French team. A bad output of the ball by goalkeeper Gulacsi ended with a foreshortened assist from Neymar to Di Maria and the Argentine did not forgive in the small area (42′). The omnipresent Brazilian still had one last option before the break; but his shot, a pass from Mbappe was narrowly deflected.

RB Leipzig vs PSG: Second Half


After passing through the changing rooms, Nagelsmann introduced two changes in the ‘eleven’ ;( Dani Olmo and Nkunku stayed in the dressing room and Forsberg and Schick entered ) to try to change the dynamics of the meeting and give new vigor to his team, until then unrecognizable. It seemed that the bet could turn out well, as Leipzig took a step forward, squeezed PSG; and with the internships on the left of Angelino, he finally gave a feeling of danger.

The possible resurrection of the German team, however, was stopped short in the 53rd minute; when Juan Bernat scored, finishing off a Di Maria cross with his head at the near post; who took advantage of the umpteenth error by a rival defender. The goal was the review by the VAR to see if there was an offside of the Spanish player or a previous foul by the Argentine. He did not appreciate it and the 0-3 rose to the scoreboard. That was the end of any possibility of a comeback for Leipzig; who lowered his arms and was even able to fit in a bigger win. It didn’t happen because PSG didn’t ‘want to’.

Mbappe had two very clear chances that he wasted; as well as a two for one of the French and Neymar that the Brazilian ruined when he slipped. In the end, the 0-3 made clear the superiority of the Parisians against the ‘Cinderella’ Leipzig. The PSG finally with trident Di Maria-Neymar-Mbappe at the controls, can hope to win their first Champions League final; which is required to bring their cases by spending exorbitant signings every year. Little else left a game that puts PSG in the Champions League final and for that, it has been built on Qatari money. They already have the award for a match. PSG is already waiting for Bayern or Lyon in the final in Lisbon.

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