RB Leipzig (3-0) Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs Out of Champions League

RB Leipzig (3-0) Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs Out of Champions League

RB Leipzig (3-0) Tottenham Hotspur (4-0 aggregate): Sabitzer seals quarterfinal place for Leipzig  and dumps Spurs out of Champions League

The RB Leipzig fans had a double privilege today. they were able to see how his team exhibited high-level football in the first half and finished off Tottenham Hotspur, runner-up of the last edition, defeating him 3-0 after already winning in London 0-1. The Germans will play the quarterfinals of the Champions League for the first time in their history.

The game was similar to the game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium but if then 0-0 was maintained until the hour of the game. Today RB Leipzig soon captured its enormous superiority on the scoreboard with two goals from captain Marcel Sabitzer joining from the second line and with the collaboration in both of Lloris.

Specifically, the first 10 minutes to achieve 1-0 with the complicity of  Lloris as his shot with the right folded the hands of the French goalkeeper, who touched the ball but did not prevent the net from reaching after hitting the post.

RB Leipzig, as in the first leg, played at a devilish speed and precision in the pass impossible to counter by a Tottenham Hotspur overcome. Angelino was a dagger by the left-wing and in one of his constant interns, the Galician side took advantage of a mistake in the clearance by Serge Aurier to put a-cross at the near post that Sabitzer headed. Lloris again touched the ball but without enough force to avoid the 2-0.

Despite being sentenced to the tie, RB Leipzig did not slow down and continued to operate with the automatisms of a block perfectly assembled by Julian Nagelsmann that does not need the competition of Dani Olmo, who stayed on the bench. Scorer Timo Werner, who had a goal annulled 1-0 offside, was 3-0 but his low shot was saved by Lloris.

In the end, Emil Forsberg, who has just replaced Sabitzer, established the 3-0 in his first intervention when he dropped a rebound in the area and placed the ball in the net with an accurate touch.

One more setback for a Tottenham that already only aspires to reach a place for the next Champions. Four defeats and two draws in two weeks is the poor baggage of a team that has been eliminated in eighths in both Europe and the FA Cup and is eighth in the Premier League, 7 points from Chelsea‘s fourth place..

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