Sevilla vs Inter: Sevilla and the Europa League, an endless idyll

Sevilla vs Inter: Sevilla and the Europa League, an endless idyll

The Sevilla won its sixth Europa League against Inter Milan (3-2) making full in the final step and confirming that their relationship with this competition goes beyond all reason. It has been 14 years since Juande Ramos debuted Sevilla’s record in the second major club tournament on the continent and since then the idyll seems to have no end every time the team reaches the quarterfinals. Reaching the penultimate round of the Europa League has always been synonymous with success.

From that first final in Eindhoven to today in Cologne, Sevilla has changed all its pieces except Jesus Navas, the common thread (except for the parenthesis in Manchester City) that explains the golden age of the Seville club. Between Middles borough in 2006 and Inter in 2020, they have fallen by the way Espanyol (2007), Benfica (2014), Dnipro (2015), and Liverpool of Klopp (2016). The three in a row came with Unai Emery on the Seville bench and now, with Julen Lopetegui At the controls, the project designed by Monchi has once again touched the sky in Cologne.

Sevilla is a great Giant, Powerful, Indestructible. A soccer team created to win European finals. There is no other possible explanation. Not to start losing by a penalty; nor receive a new blow when you have come back; nor lose two of your figures; like Ocampos and Diegos Carlos, due to injury; nor that Inter is a team full of stars. Nothing. Impossible. Nobody destroys it. Another drink for Sevilla. And there are already six. The King regains his crown.

Sevilla vs Inter: Match Overview

Sevilla is a blessing for football. The first half was sweet madness for the neutral viewer. The finals sometimes have those fearful overtones, of not wanting to lose, of doing everything possible because few things happen and trying to live off a failure of the rival. Sevilla and Inter, each with their weapons and their way of understanding the game, came out for the game. Without leaving anything. The show was guaranteed. And if the duel starts with a goal on top, a bigger show.

Another penalty. Diego Carlos again. If there was fear of what Lukaku might do when he started the race. In the first the Belgian left Diego Carlos naked; who was thrown blows to knock him down without the striker feeling anything, until inside the area he gave him the final blow. Penalty. He already did one in the quarterfinals and another in the semifinals. He was not going to miss his appointment with this custom. Bono guessed the shot but couldn’t stop it.

Inter had the game where they wanted, it was Sevilla’s turn to row. The Brazilian center-back seemed nervous. The ball had to be kept out of its zone. Move her and change her band. Inter closed well, without waiting for Sevilla in a low block. That is, there were spaces to combine. And the closer to the lime, the better. Jesus Navas was beginning to appear and, in his first foray into the danger zone, he placed a strong cross on the near post that Luuk de Jong sent to the net, launching himself into the plate for the ball. Tremendous header.

Europa League All backs up

Sevilla vs Inter: Sevilla and the Europa League, an endless idyll

Sevilla was back in the final. That dreaded go-behind scenario had solved it. And he did it thanks to the Dutch striker, Lopetegui’s surprise in the lineup after repeating the same in the previous three games. It was time to stop and calm down. However, no one was serene. Quite the opposite. Conte was taken by the demons by a hand inside Diego Carlos’s area (again), which the referee, very close, interpreted as involuntary. Lopetegui entered the dialectical duel.

The Basque coach was scolding himself asking that Barella not stay alone. Fernando wanted to help Diegos Carlos with Lukaku, but Reguilon was always on the right wing with two. D’Ambrosio had a frank shot that was missed. A little tighter, Banega’s figure in the domain was beginning to grow. And on the set-piece. That’s where Sevilla’s second goal came. He shot the 10 and De Jong, again, landed a header over the goalkeeper. The final was facing the Andalusian team, but the joy would not last long.

In this first part of the madness, a very similar play, in the other area, ended with a goal by Godín with a header, one of the classics that he scored at Atletico. The foul was made by Diego Carlos. The brand was lost by the Brazilian. The first half would end with an Ocampos header that Handanovic repelled. With a somewhat slower pace, leaving aside that Russian roulette from the first period. Inter had the first chance of the second in a fumble in the area. Navas threw himself to the ground to repel him.

Sevilla’s captain always shows up

Sevilla’s response came from Reguilon, with a personal move and a powerful shot that went to the side of the net. The hand of the coaches was noticeable. Everything was going with a security march. The opposite was sought without exposing so much. Any mistake charged a very high price, almost definitive. And in a bad clearance in the center of the field by Diego Carlos, Lukaku started only from the center of the field towards the goal. Nobody in his way. The center did not reach him. Bono showed him space and closed it with a saving stop. And in the midst of the terrible tension, Ocampos couldn’t take it anymore. His knee said enough.

He arrived touched and said that he could not take another step. Diego Carlos also had to have his thigh bandaged. The battle was beginning to take its toll. And since football is for heroes and villains, where Sevilla writes the most unlikely scripts. Diego Carlos had to take off the most unfortunate night with a goal that will remain for posterity. A loose ball in the area after a rebound from a lateral foul and the Brazilian drew an incredible Chilean from his imagination. He did not believe it himself.

Sevilla was again ahead. And he wasn’t even going to be able to breathe. In a play with several rebounds, Kounde took the ball out as he sneaked into the goal crying. It was the moment to know how to suffer. The power of Sevilla in Europe is indisputable. What team. What a joy. National football has a new European champion. The usual, Sevilla are six. Eindhoven, Glasgow, Turin, Warsaw, Basel, and now Cologne.

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