Shakhtar leaves Real Madrid in crisis before the Clasico (2-3)

Shakhtar leaves Real Madrid in crisis before the Clasico (2-3)

Real Madrid goes from defeat to defeat until the final crisis, if it is no longer experiencing that crisis. And that, with the Classic this coming Saturday is not good news for white interests. After falling to Cadiz giving a very poor image, Zidane’s men lost again against Shakhtar in the Champions League and their image improved somewhat in the second half, but the first was traced to that of Cadiz, with the difference that Ukrainian team did not miss the chances that Real Madrid put him on a tray.

Real Madrid was confident in the team’s reaction in the Champions League after falling to Cadiz, but the white hopes lasted barely a quarter of an hour, when Courtois avoided Shakhtar’s 0-1 From there, Real Madrid went downhill with a Zidane that was again signaled by an eleven in which Marcelo continued as the starter and in which neither Benzema nor Vinicius nor Kroos were present.

A starting team that did not appear in attack and in defense it was a joke with Militao and Marcelo coming out in all the goals that Courtois conceded, The 0-1 was the work of Tete in the 29th minute, taking advantage of the fact that Militao marked him by videoconference. The 0-2, in the 33rd, was in Varane’s own goal after a throw-in in which Marcelo stared at Solomon who shot from the front, Dentinho went for the rejection of Courtois, but Varane, wanting to clear he scored his own goal. The white disaster continued in the 42nd minute with Solomon’s 0-3 that took advantage of the passivity of Marcelo and Militao to score.

Shakhtar leaves Real Madrid in crisis before the Clasico (2-3)

Thus, with that 0-3 and the white debacle came to rest at Di Stefano. Zidane did not make four changes as against Cadiz, but he did put Benzema on the field and that, plus the change in Madrid’s attitude, caused the white reaction. Modric made it 1-3 in the 54th minute with a shot from the edge that came through the squad. In minute 59, Vinicius scored 2-3 on the first ball he touched after leaving for Jovic.

In five minutes, Madrid had done more than the entire first half against a Shakhtar who by no means collapsed. In fact, he was able to score more goals and sentence the victory, but between their own failures and Courtois, they avoided them. Real Madrid pushed until the end, but the miracle did not come, although Valverde had a goal annulled in the 92nd minute, at the Di Stefano, and Zidane’s men started with a defeat in the Champions League. Something that does not exactly invite optimism in the face of the Camp Nou Classic.

Real Madrid vs Shakthar Donestk: Match Overview

Real Madrid Team Line-up:

Courtois, Mendy, Militao, Varane, Marcelo, Modric (Kroos, m. 70), Casemiro, Valverde, Asensio, Jovic (Vinicius, m. 58) and Rodrygo (Benzema, m. 46).
Shakthar Donestk Team Line-up:

Trubin, Dodo, Khocholava, Bondar, Korniienko, Marlos, Maycon, Tete, Marcos Antonio (Vyunnik, m. 94), Solomon (Vitao, m. 92) and Dentinho (Sudakov, m. 86)

Korniienko (m. 8), Marco Asensio (m. 34), Binda (m. 83)
Goal: 2-3
0-1, Tete (m. 29); 0-2, Varane (ppm 33); 0-3, Solomon (m. 42); 1-3, Modric (m. 54); 2-3, Vinicius (d. 59)


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