UEFA and ECA : Leagues in July and European tournaments in August

UEFA and ECA : Leagues in July and European tournaments in August

UEFA and ECA are making plans for Leagues and European tournaments

The UEFA and ECA (Association of European Clubs) are still targeting the main leagues to be back in business across July. Meanwhile, the European tournaments (Champions and Europa League) are planned to be played in August.

The UEFA and Association of European Clubs have maintained various contacts in recent hours with a view to the resumption of the domestic leagues and at the conclusion of the competitions Europe this season, as they can be resumed after the break by the coronavirus.

According to the Spanish station SER network, both organizations agree on the intention of playing the national leagues again during the month of July, while the European tournaments like Champions League and Europa League will be played during the month of August. The continental tournaments could see a radically modified design if the remaining qualifiers were played in a single match and on a neutral field, as their respective finals.

Both the UEFA and ECA also do not rule out, according to the aforementioned media, that the remaining games for the end of the season are held behind closed doors to avoid outbreaks of the coronavirus. If these expectations were met, the footballers would enjoy 21 days of vacation during the last days of August and the first days of September before starting the next season, already in the middle of September. And in September, the 2020-21 preseason would start, after 21 days of vacation

In any case, these meetings do not cease to have today, a merely informative meaning in view of the ignorance of the evolution that I could observe the pandemic in the coming weeks. The different phases in which it is based on each country makes it impossible at present to draw a general roadmap for all European football..

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