UEFA release statement on champions league

UEFA release statement on champions league

UEFA meeting concludes with the August deadline for Champions League

The UEFA Wednesday meets with the 55 federations, with the aim of deciding what happens to the season and as the calendar regarding the remaining Champions League and Europa League, considering that the league must end having All football has been suspended due to the coronavirus.

The most likely scenario is that the two competitions will take place during the month of August, and that is why, in a statement, the UEFA Executive Committee has decided to put the Champions League and Europa League in the freezer from 2020/21. “Dates related to all UEFA club competition 2020/21 are deferred until further notice, in particular regarding the admission process and player registration. UEFA will set new deadlines in due course explained the same statement issued by the Executive Committee.

An initiative that clearly serves to favor the dispute of the current season in summer. What UEFA has done is, therefore, postpone the Champions League and Europa League qualifying phases, which started in August, with no scheduled date. This will allow having free dates to dispute the end of the leagues and European competition of this course. Aware of the particularity of the situation, which in many cases confronts the clubs with a financial crisis as they cannot compete in the competition and without being clear when it will return, UEFA has also decided to regulate the dates for player licenses and the Fair Play Financial, which will be affected and must wait to be regulated once the seasons are over.

Similarly, the final phase of the Futsal UEFA Champions League, scheduled for April 2020, has also been postponed until further notice. Beyond the 2020 Euro Cup, which had already been suspended, the European Under-17 Championship (May) and Under-19 (July), and also the Women’s Under-17 (May) and U-19 ( July)..

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