Alaves vs Barcelona: Barcelona say goodbye to the Laliga with their heads held high

Messi stays at Barcelona: "I will never go to trial against the club of my life"

Alaves vs Barcelona(0-5): After definitively losing the title to Osasuna, leaving terrible feelings; he won with a remarkable performance against Alaves. Without losing sight of the fact that the team from Vitoria was already down after sealing the permanence against Betis (there was not a card in the game, which gives an idea of ​​where the shots went); Barca reaped green shoots in Mendizorrotza facing the Champions. He won 0-5, with goals from Ansu, Messi (2), Suarez, and Semedo, in a match; that competitively had no greater incentive than the goals Leo could score in the face of his aspiration to win the ‘Pichichi’. They were two. Apart from that spur, it was about recovering feelings and starting to work already thinking about Barcelona vs Napoli.

Alaves vs Barcelona: Match Overview

De Jong added a few more minutes in his recovery and brought freshness and ideas to the midline; where he was located as a midfield. Great news in Vitoria. Arturo Vidal took a central position in the second half after Lenglet retired with discomfort. The worst news in Vitoria. Messi scored and assisted, distributed the game, and connected perfectly with Riqui Puig and Ansu Fati. Power for the captain. The team lived up to and collaborated with him in his fight for the ‘Pichichi’.

The first time the club was optimal. The Barcelona team dominated, generated opportunities, and made a lot of profit from those desires of Riqui and Ansu, protagonists of the previous one due to the controversial decision to prioritize Alaves-Barca ahead of the subsidiary’s playoff. Both tuned to perfection with Messi, who starting from the right became a scorer; the 0-2, manufacturer of assists, the first goal, or plays, the opening to Jordi Alba in the third.

Chances and goals

Alaves vs Barcelona: Barcelona say goodbye to the Laliga with their heads held high

In that start, before Ansu opened the scoring; it was already seen that Alaves had taken a weight off himself with salvation and was already on vacation; while Setien’s team did go for the game. Riqui Puig, in his best game in the first team, shot the crossbar in the third minute; shortly after, Messi did not narrowly pass a pass from Sergi Roberto; Ansu shot out very narrowly; Arturo threw the wood a second time at Riqui’s pass; Messi, also at the post after receiving from Ansu and cutting Manu; and Suarez finished off the goalkeeper. Six chances on goal (with three posts) before Ansu Fati finally made it 0-1 in a static attack with a final pass from Messi.

After a mistake by Suarez in a faulty auction, picking up a great pass from Riqui, Leo scored his first goal to extend his advantage in the ‘Pichichi’ in the 34th minute. The assistance was from Riqui Puig, who left the ball for the arrival of Messi after a cross by Sergi Roberto. Leo endured, feigned, and beat Roberto. A stoppage of the local goal in an auction by Arturo Vidal to Messi’s center was the lead-off of 0-3, from Suarez to Alba center after the Argentine’s opening, in his preferred move with the left-back.

Lenglet Forced off Injured

Alaves slightly increased the pace after the break with the changes, without this implying a change in the decoration of the match. He had not shot between the three clubs, with Lucas Perez unpublished and Joselu; the best of Alaves, well covered by Araujo. With the entry of Rioja, the local team gained some depth in the bands; but after an initial approach that Pere Pons, another of the changes, did not finish, the threat of reaction ceased. Semedo scored the fourth goal after a new assist from Riqui.

Before, the Portuguese had entered through Lenglet, withdrawn with discomfort. Be careful, there are no central facing the Champions! Arturo Vidal stood next to Araujo, completing an unprecedented pair of plants. Barça’s fifth goal, Messi’s second, took place at the center of Jordi Alba after an opening by De Jong, located at midfield when he replaced Sergio Busquets. Twenty-five from Lionel. Perhaps a clue against Napoli Busquets it will not be. De Jong prepares. And, along with him, Riqui Puig began to earn a place.

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