Artem Dzyuba: My dream is to play for Real Madrid

Artem Dzyuba: My dream is to play for Real Madrid

Artem Dzyuba claims that he has been a Real Madrid “fan” since the days of Raul, Redondo, Ronaldo

Artem Dzyuba is a forward for Zenit and was one of the architects of the elimination of Spain in the 2018 World Cup. Now, he has granted an interview on Instagram. In it, he has recognized that his biggest dream is to play Real Madrid.

Since my childhood, I have been cheering for Madrid. It is my favorite team, when Zidane, Beckham, Guti, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Fernando Hierro, Míchel Salgado, Casillas played Even before Fernando Redondo If I could choose, I would like to play there.

Artem Dzyuba remembers how Cristiano Ronaldo got mad at the Madrid management when they sold Mesut Ozil. He told them that if they had lost their minds for giving away the footballer who had given him half of the goals. All forwards are dependent, soccer is a team sport and to score a goal you need a pass. If you tell me if I prefer to score twenty goals or give thirty assists, I will stay with the assists.

In Russia, they are a clear evil. They must be an older brother to the footballer, stay close in good and bad. With us, they disappear immediately as soon as the problems begin. Only the money is kept. That is a misfortune. When we lost to Croatia in the World Cup quarterfinals. It was complete devastation. But that day there were no tears. Although I am sentimental, I can even cry during a movie. My friends laughed when I cried with Kung Fu Panda.

I am in favor of video replays. That makes football more transparent, fairer. However, the use of VAR is not always correct. There are very silly games out there. You can’t use the VAR at random, sometimes they’ll see the replay and sometimes they won’t. During the World Cup, everything worked perfectly..

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