Barcelona vs Leganes: Barcelona extend LaLiga lead with Leganes win

Barcelona vs Leganes: Barcelona extend LaLiga lead with Leganes win

Barcelona vs Leganes: Barcelona threw effectiveness to knock down the wall of Leganes in a thick game without brilliance; which served to add three points and keep the pressure on Madrid. Ansu Fati once again opens the scoring, when the first half was dying for the leader, after the Leganes, new bottom team, pardoned. Lenglet and the wood saved two occasions. Messi sentenced with a penalty, which allowed Setien to rotate the bench.

Even Riqui Puig had minutes, just over a quarter of an hour. The coach had announced rotations and there had been rotations. Arthur and Rakitic played at the start; Lenglet returned and Ansu Fati took the place of Braithwaite despite the good role of the Dane. Suarez had minutes again in the second half. Barca tried to dominate at all times but did so without ideas and without being able to overwhelm Leganes.

Barcelona vs Leganes: First Half

Barcelona vs Leganes: Barcelona extend LaLiga lead with Leganes win

Javier Aguirre knew how to tie Barcelona, make the night unpleasant. With a 5-4-1 that caged the Barca, he dreamed of not leaving empty. He had it close, but to win at the Camp Nou you have to do more than lock up Barca. The Barcelona team will always have a chance. And, with the talent in front of you, chances are someone will come in. Therefore, you have to be effective if the occasions come.

When Ansu Fati arranged a very weak first half, both individually and collectively, with an unappealable shot that made it 1-0, three minutes after the break. Barca had not finished between the three suits. At most, an attempt by Griezmann to reach a ball pumped into the area by Rakitic to which the ‘Pichu’ Cuellar advanced and a deflected header from a ball that the French striker found himself also in the center of the Croatian. Nothing else, and then Ansu appeared.

The young striker has a star and managed to pick up a ball that, after Messi’s opening, Junior Firpo managed to send, through rejections and rebounds, to the area. There Ansu controlled and, on a span of the ground and between a forest of feet, boots, and socks of ‘Leganes’ players, he threw an unstoppable ball for Cuellar, which passed between Rodrigo Tarin’s legs.

Barcelona vs Leganes: Second Half

Many rewards for Barca in the first half in which the opposite team twice forgave two very clear occasions. Both, from Guerrero. The first, in a transition after action by Barca on set pieces that the Barca team did not know how to contain. Left Silva from the left on a three against two and gave Eraso; who did not dare to finish and looking for a killer pass to Roque Mesa, who saw Guerrero; whose shot was intercepted by Lenglet with Ter Stegen that he had come out for grapes. And a minute later, tiro to stick own Guerrero after a ball hung in the area and very poorly defended by Barca.

Leganes knew how to pose an uncomfortable match for Barca with five defenders; placing Bustinza as the third central defender, ready to go out to cover any hole. He even chased and hit Messi in an action. A criminal entry, with the blocks in front, from Assale to Pique, who threw himself to the ground to avoid a counter, went unpunished and had no immediate impact. Umtiti later had to replace Gerard. For his part, Setien sought reaction through Luis Suarez, but he did so by sending Ansu to the shower. A clearly political change that the technician introduced.

The VAR intervenes

Griezmann, however, agreed with the coach by finishing a Semedo center first after opening, of course, Messi. The VAR, which works everywhere except in the Alfredo Stadium, saw it offside. And, shortly after, Messi left Leganes half, enduring grabs and pushes from Ruben Perez. The penalty that entire Leganes protested but that the VAR ratified. Messi did not fail and, with the left, completely fooled Cuellar.

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