Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Madrid wake up at the Camp Nou

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Madrid wake up at the Camp Nou

Barcelona vs Real Madrid (1-3)  Zinedine Zidane arrived dying at the Camp Nou and leaves strengthened. He has never lost at this stage. His Madrid reacted with a prestigious triumph that, in addition, the one that leaves’ touched ‘now is his greatest rival, Barca, who had their chances to get ahead in the second half but was slowed down by Ramos’ goal, penalty. Valverde had opened the scoreboard, quickly tied an electric Ansu in the first half, and, already in the second half, Ramos scored a penalty when Madrid was suffering the most and Modric pointed. The white team entered the game better, endured the start of the second part of Barca, and was graced with the changing criteria of Martinez Munuera in a VAR penalty. And debatable: there is a grip from Lenglet after a push from Ramos. Later, already with 1-2, the Barcelona team did not find a way to react. The braid was crazy to whistle and did not miss the opportunity.

Madrid dominated the game tempos better, especially what it dominates best, VAR, and this Barca still has a way to go.

Koeman revolutionized the alignment of the club rewarded performance in previous matches Pedri detriment of Griezmann gave the title to the young canary by right and stood to Ansu Fati tip Messi behind, from where he directed operations or New enormous classic of the Argentine, creator of the action of the first goal and subject to a possible penalty in an action by Casemiro who, with a card, rolled his supporting foot, although the referee and the VAR decided that he did so by touching the ball before. Modric did not come out in Madrid. Asensio played on the right in the center of the field in a 4-4-2, leaving the interior corridor for Fede Valverde, who took advantage of it well.

Both teams displayed a fast-paced first half, with rhythm, scoring chances, controversy, tension, and exchange of goals. Soon Madrid showed their intentions to clean up their image after the ridiculous against Cadiz and Shakhtar. He started with rhythm, a lot of intensity and a vertical game that surprised Barca and that after five minutes put Zidane’s team ahead, in the arrival of Valverde, which Sergio Busquets, did not follow, after Benzema removed from the site to Lenglet and Pique and assisted the midfielder, who shot Neto.


Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Madrid wake up at the Camp Nou

As had already happened in the match against Sevilla and showing off the position of ‘nine’ that Koeman determined for him, Ansu soon leveled the balance. Just three minutes after Valverde’s goal, he caught a center from Alba, enabled by Messi from a mid-center position, beat Sergio Ramos, and subtly beat Courtois.

After that hectic start, with Madrid creating danger on the wings – huge Dest against Vinicius and helping in all defensive positions – and in corners, both teams sought dominance, with phases of exchanging chances. Courtois stood out with a save against Messi, after a sublime cut to Ramos, and immediately afterward the transition led to a great pass from Kroos to Benzema, only against Neto after getting between the centrals Meta stop.

Ansu Fati was the generator of the Barca danger. At the restart, he generated three clear chances. He crossed the ball too much when Messi was waiting to finish off; he did not reach a Jordi Alba center; and centered on Coutinho, who headed out for very little. Shortly after, when Barca was better in the game, a key move came.

In one of the multiple corners that Madrid forced, the VAR warned Martinez Munuera of a grab from Lenglet to Ramos, who fell comically to the grass. Martinez Munuera, who in the first half did not go to review Casemiro’s kick to Messi, studied it and understood that it was a penalty, despite the fact that in the images you can see how Lenglet grabs the center-back after he pushes him. A scandal that Ramos himself did not forgive. Madrid was ahead in the best moments of Barca.

Barca’s changes came all at once, in the last ten minutes, in an attempt to turn the scoreboard around when Madrid was already totally locked in, defending 1-2. Late. There was no reaction. On the contrary: the best chances were for Madrid, against. A double stop by Neto against Kroos in a white against kept Barca alive in the final moments. And then, before Ramos after a grotesque mistake by Dembele. Modric finished sentencing at the end, in a goal error, with a great goal, when Barca already left many spaces behind.

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