Celta Vigo vs Barcelona: Aspas stuns Barcelona late to hand Real Madrid title advantage

Messi stays at Barcelona: "I will never go to trial against the club of my life"

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona (2-2): The club had victory in hand but could not hold it until the end, letting out two fundamental points. The Barca team wanted to put pressure on Real Madrid and they did almost everything well except defending; the 1-2 with which they had reached the final minutes. He forced a foul that was not and conceded a goal that complicates the path to the title. The draw, which gives 69-68 advantage if whites will only lose on Sunday before an Espanyol seems hopeless. Luis Suarez’s double and Messi’s umpteenth exhibition will be of little use this time.

Without the sanctioned Busquets, the most essential in their lineups, the Cantabrian coach rearranged the average; placing Rakitic in his position and handing over the organization to the acclaimed Riqui Puig. Ahead, he sacrificed Griezmann for the second straight away game to give Ansu Fati minutes. Arthur watched everything on the bench. From the other, Oscar revolutionized his system, populating the defense to correct some casualties.

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona (2-2): Match Review

It was a very different Barca than the one that hesitated in the second half of Seville and the one that rambled against Athletic. With more spark, joy, and mobility, the Catalans ruled the game throughout the first half, thanks to Riqui’s momentum and Messi’s endless magic. The main danger, however, came from the strategy. The first time, in a corner kick that Pique headed from the first post to the crossbar against a petrified Ruben. The second is a fabulous idea conceived by Leo and executed by his friend Suarez in a free-kick and; the third, in an attempt by the great captain for an Olympic goal.

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona: Aspas stuns barcelona late to hand Real Madrid title advantage

During the week, Oscar inkling how to avoid many of the lack of Leo. After reviewing all attempts, he devised his own strategy. He instructed to put a barrier of three, placed two players on each stick, and placed three others in the middle. What nobody expected is that the Argentine, ready as always, focused inside so that the Uruguayan finished off with a header. Minutes earlier, the two of them had been talking briefly. Leo’s race to hug Suarez said it all.

The script of a Barca convinced of its technical superiority also included a couple of clear approaches. Both with all in favor, but Messi launched his shot put and high Ansu he hindered the Celtic to Araujo. All ideas arose from good movements, pressure, dynamism, and formidable offensive activity, especially from the left. Spurred on by his latest positive results, Celta did not give up and replied meaningfully, all in one play. A shot by Brais Mendes that Ter Stegen’s shoulder cleared the post and a subsequent cross-shot by Iago Aspas after running through the esplanade.

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona: Second Half

But everything won in the first forty-five minutes, Barca squandered it in the first four of the second. An error in Rakitic’s transition allowed for a light blue counter-attack. Okay, and Smolov stood up two-on-one against Pique, who broke the offside. The midfielder’s assistance allowed the Russian to score on an empty goal. The goal was preceded by a defensive oversight of Umtiti, who knew how to solve it anticipating Aspas, although brushing the penalty by millimeters. The Frenchman clearly touched the ball.

It was not the same Barca, but the game, entertaining in the background, lacked the ingredient of the VAR, forced to review a possible penalty by Jorge Saenz for Messi. No one saw him, understanding that the Argentine had already fired when he received the impact of the defense. The action entered the folder of reasonable doubts.

The controversy did not give to entertain or mislead because again the Messi-Luis Suarez tandem struggled to seek victory. In the 67th minute, after several attempts, the Uruguayan signed the double with the striker after another pass from the Argentine. Tireless in the fight, Leo had stolen a ball in the opposite field.

The 1-2 strengthened Barca. The psychological component was essential. It was not a game of etiquette but of work and paying close attention. As in a play between Aspas and Nolito, with a final kick by the former Betis and also former Barca, which Ter Stegen deflected. Seeing his options, Oscar lightened the defense to put a forward, the fourth. The club recoiled and then lost the ball. Bad signal.

Iago Aspas Late Strikes

In a foul that was not, in the 87th minute, a genius from Iago Aspas achieved the final tie (2-2). With the exterior of the barrier, with the left foot, with Ter Stegen static, he managed to give life to a Celta that has two victories and a consecutive draw.

And he could lose, at the last moment, if the German had not saved a shot from Nolito. The arbitration of Cuadra Fernandez will be discussed. There are three VAR penalties for Messi, Ansu, and Pique that have not been identified. And the lack of Pique to Rafinha that has meant the 2-2 seems non-existent.

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