Luis Suarez: I will be with team, when they return

Luis Suarez: I will be with team, when they return

Luis Suarez is very satisfied with his recovery

The Barcelona forward Luis Suarez gives an interview to the Uruguayan Referi via telephone. He has been very excited about the evolution of his injury.

The recovery is within the possibilities that we had managed and now with this, there was a change, but the idea was clear to return sooner than expected. The doctor had told me it was going too well and that gave me hope of playing again soon. The difference now is that when the team returns, I will be able to be with them.

Luis Suarez, who underwent surgery on his right knee in early January, he added that “they had given me until the beginning of May, but after the meetings, I had with the doctors and due to the evolution I had, he was going to get a little ahead of himself. The jobs they were demanding of me were supporting them very well, and that gave me the strength to move ahead of schedule ”

Barcelona striker also commented that “the club physio, Juanjo Brau is the one who was recovering me. I did the whole process with him and we are in full contact with the message of the work I have to do daily. I have to adapt to the machines and options, I have at home to at least keep my quadriceps  ”

The global pandemic cannot escape the talk. Luis Suarez told Referi and warned that “what happened to most countries, ‘here it will not come, When it started in China and then went to Iran and Italy, they thought that at first, it was nothing. A lot of people said ‘it’s just the medium-strong flu’, but medium-strong flu doesn’t kill thousands of people as it is happening. Luis Suarez is very aware of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and urges everyone to stay home..

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