Mallorca vs Barcelona: Messi makes winning return with a goal & 2 assists

Mallorca vs Barcelona: Messi makes winning return with a goal & 2 assists

Mallorca vs Barcelona (0-4): The break has sat well the leader of the League. Barcelona confirmed the best wishes and ventilated their visit to Palma with a relatively comfortable 0-4; although in some phases Mallorca, with the leadership of Takefusa Kubo, was able to enter the game. Arturo Vidal scored very soon, after two minutes. Braithwaite made his debut as a scorer and, already in the final stretch. Jordi Alba closed a great performance, even with a nice duel with the young Take; scoring 0-3, at the pass of Leo, in a new episode of their wonderful society. Messi marked the fourth and he was the author of two assists. And returned to activity, with more than half an hour of play, Luis Suarez. With assistance to Leo.

Barcelona had transmitted the days before the game the security of being in a state of grace and the visit to the pitch of the Visit Mallorca Estadi confirmed the most optimistic predictions. With a goal after two minutes, Barca showed his brilliant start that the good feelings were not a matter of strategy.

Very high pressure with a lot of rhythm of play, arrivals from the second line, rises from both sides. Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba, practically extreme, and behind an academic ball exit with Ter Stegen and the two central back, Pique and Araujo; the right choice for the Cantabrian coach to replace the sanctioned Lenglet. Araujo played a complete match, collaborating on the ball out and very active when it came to defending when Mallorca stuck his head out. He even threw the post in the second half at the exit of a corner.

Mallorca vs Barcelona: Match Report

Barcelona took less than two minutes to put the game uphill for Mallorca. The leader came out strong and control from De Jong; which enabled Alba, ended in the center of the side and header by Arturo Vidal; coming from his position of right inside. Messi, located as ‘false nine’ but exchanging his position with Griezmann on the right, went from less to more and little by little generated some occasions; especially yours-mine with the Frenchman. The third piece of the trident was out by Braithwaite, very active in teamwork on the left; who felt comfortable when he was able to rise to the position of ‘nine’. There he scored the second goal, which gave air to Barca when Mallorca had reacted.

Mallorca vs Barcelona: Messi makes winning return with a goal & 2 assists
Mallorca vs Barcelona: Messi makes winning return with a goal & 2 assists

Takefusa Kubo, a former Barcelona player, with a present from Mallorca and a more than likely future Madrid player (he is on loan from Madrid) led that vermilion reaction starting from the right. A first warning, sitting Alba and finishing off against the opposition of Araujo, ended in rejection by Ter Stegen; who again rejected a shot, this time from a foul, from the Japanese, shortly before the technical stop to cool off.

After Half Time

That break was holy water for Barca, who regained control as soon as the ball rolled again. And quickly Braithwaite in plan ‘nine’, resolved a small mess in the area. After a rejection of a defender to the center of Alba, De Jong touched the head towards the inside of the area, and Messi, also with a header, passed to the Danish striker, who shot at goal without even letting the ball bounce.

Barcelona put up with Mallorca‘s energetic exit after the break. Suarez’s entry by Griezmann, unfortunate, coincided with the return of the match to a convenient area for Barca. Vermillion goalkeeper Reina saved the third kick from Braithwaite after a great move by Messi and passed to the Danish.

In a phase in which Barcelona had loosened, Messi completed his task with great assistance to Alba taking advantage of the spaces left by the islanders. The winger, who had seen the fifth card and will miss Barca-Leganes, rounded out the night by nailing 0-3. Messi scored his goal in the discount, after a pass from Luis Suarez.

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