Ousmane Dembele is expected to be out for six months due to his injury

Ousmane Dembele out for six months due to his injury, so Barcelona will request permission to sign a new striker

Ousmane Dembele out for six months due to his injury, so Barcelona will request permission to sign a new striker

Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele went through the operating room on Tuesday in Finland to undergo an intervention of more than two hours at the hands of Dr. Lasse Lempainen. It tried to fix the injury that occurred a few days ago while training.

He has proximal Biceps femoris tendon rupture of the right leg. This is the same problem that he already suffered two seasons ago, on the other leg. Curiously, on that occasion, the estimated time of withdrawal was four months – although Ousmane managed to return to the playing fields before.

On this occasion, as reported by Barcelona, Dembele must be in the dry dock for six months. More than the minimum time stipulated by the standard for a team to sign a replacement for a long-term signing. This opens the door for Barça to make a contract that covers the gap that the French winger end leaves free. However, now everything remains in the hands of a medical committee that must give the final approval to the authorization.

They should be those who confirm that the estimate of the six months of discharge is in accordance with the severity of the injury suffered by Dembele. Although they have always been cautious in Barcelona and have not dared to take time off until Ousmane went through the operating room, they have always been working on a contingency plan in case that possibility was confirmed.

Thus, the Barcelona sports management has made movements in this regard, advancing conversations in case there was express hiring to be carried out.

Barcelona striker list for signing

In the club, they manage a list with several names of candidates to reinforce their front, although right now the best positioned is Willian Jose. The Real Sociedad striker has been interested in the Catalans since last summer, but it is now when the situation – and the need – make their hiring more possible than ever.

In addition to the old interest in Willian Jose, the fact that the Brazilian is not going through his best moment in the San Sebastian club helps. It meant too much in the winter market when everyone knew that he was trying to leave the Royal Society. Now, fans of the Basque team look at it with different eyes.

His departure would not be traumatic at all and, in fact, a good part of the Txuri Urdin fans are good at giving him an exit and, incidentally, making cash for a player who has already shown that he is not one hundred percent with the cause of the Real.

Other players listed on the agenda of the Barca technical secretariat and for which some kind of contact has already been established are Lucas Perez, Angel, Luis Suarez, or Loren. In the case of the first, as with Willian Jose, it is also a player for whom Barca already showed interest long ago, at the time with Luis Enrique.

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