Real Madrid vs Alaves: Madrid beat Alaves with a penalty and a VAR goal

Real Madrid vs Alaves: Madrid beat Alaves with a penalty and a VAR goal

Real Madrid vs Alaves (2-0): Real Madrid did not fail against Alaves and continue to maintain four points advantage over Barcelona with three games to finish LaLiga. The white team did not fail and the arbitration decisions did not fail with a certain controversial air. Come on, life is the same in this League. Real Madrid won thanks to a penalty from Ximo Navarro in the first half and a goal that the referee annulled for Benzema’s offside but the VAR ended up granting because of the lines, the famous lines, said that the Frenchman was not, very little, offside.

This time, the VAR did not correct the main referee, Gil Manzano; but the fourth, Rodriguez Carpallo, who went from refereeing in Second B to doing it in First. The reason was Gil Manzano’s injury; which ended the first half with a bandaged ankle after being treated by Real Madrid doctors.

Yes, it was Gil Manzano who signaled the penalty to Mendy in the 10th minute of the game. Neither the Alaves players protested it and the VAR did not say anything. The Basque team’s defender touched Mendy’s leg when he entered the area and contact occurred on the edge. Benzema scored 1-0 in the minute that reassured Real Madrid who had a difficult time at the start of the crash.

Real Madrid vs Alaves: Madrid beat Alaves with a penalty and a VAR goal

Alaves sent a ball to the crossbar in the third minute and Varane, on the same play, took the ball out from under the sticks. The Basque team had discovered the weak point of Real Madrid that was the right-wing where Lucas Vazquez was the side due to the losses of Carvajal, Ramos, Marcelo, and Nacho. Through that area came all the danger of an Alaves who created danger above; but who in defense gave many facilities to a Madrid that arrived well, but did not score. The white team slows down the pace of a match in which Madrid had the ball; but it was Alaves who generated chances but did not score.

The game came to rest with that 1-0 and on the restart; with the fourth referee on the grass and Gil Manzano on the wing, the 2-0 came in the 50th minute. A pass from Benzema turned Marco Asensio into a goal. The referee canceled the Frenchman’s offside, but the VAR conceded it because Benzema, by Laguardia’s half boot, was not offside.

That goal caused Real Madrid to own the game even more against an Alaves he wanted, but could not. The Basque team went up and had chances but found Courtois. Like the Madrid that ran into Roberto, the goal of the Babazorro team that aborted all-white opportunities.

Between the attempts of both, the minutes were passing with Real Madrid closer to victory. Zidane took advantage of having the wind down to make Hazard reappear, who played the last 10 minutes. A few last measures in which Madrid already saw himself with the three points in his locker while Alaves kept looking for the goal that would allow him to enter the game again. He did not succeed, nor did Real increase his advantage. Nor did he need to secure the three points that bring him a little closer to the League title.

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