Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Real Madrid bounce back to the top of the table

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2-0): Vinicius & Mariano send Real Madrid back to the top of the table

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2-0): Vinicius & Mariano send Real Madrid back to the top of the table

Vinicius and Mariano gave victory and leadership to Madrid against an inoperative Barcelona, who forgave and ended up paying him. Messi did not appear, and the Catalans paid dearly, orphans of a player who materialized the chances, again Griezmann fall, of which there was no news. The whites grew until they ended up punishing the Barcelona team, which failed to react to Vinicius’s goal.

The epitaph will always be remembered: Mariano, unpublished all season, a goal was made in the prolongation. The best medicine not only for LaLiga but also to believe in the comeback in the Champions League. Setien has valued the match against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The coach has recognized that in the second half the opponent has been superior.

We have done a good first part. They have done better in the second. We had quite a lot of control over the game, but we have begun to make some inaccuracies and losses.

They have pressed us hard up and this has caused us distrust. We have struggled. I have been in the first part because we have been quite good and we have generated opportunities. It is time to congratulate the opponent.

Sometimes it is normal for you to fail, but when the opponent squeezes you as he has done. We were advised to take the ball fast to avoid this pressure, but it is not easy against players like that.

Perhaps they are the characteristics of this team. It is not easy to attack and defend at the same time. We have managed to control the ball many more times. They are phases in the games that one goes through and in the end, it depends a bit on the success you have.
We have other players, but it is true that Messi is very important. We should not obsess that he will be the only player to score. Other players have had occasions.

Barcelona suffered 2 goal defeat at Bernabeu

As they were outperformed by Madrid on both attacking and defending. The Catalans were superior in the first half but ran into an excellent Courtois and in the second half, the whites improved until they achieved the victory goal. Barça pardoned in the first 45 minutes, but it was diluted after the break and leaves the Classic at a point of Real Madrid. Vinicius scored 1-0 and Mariano sentenced the clash in the added time.

Has Barcelona really improve under setien?

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