Real Madrid vs Eibar: Real Madrid cut the gap on Barcelona to two point

Real Madrid vs Eibar: Real Madrid cut the gap on Barcelona to two point

Real Madrid vs Eibar: Real Madrid returned to LaLiga beating Eibar at Di Stefano, they did it thanks to a good first half, in which the pair Benzem-Hazard with Rodrygo worked as a support in an attacking trident that few expected. Madrid scored their three goals in that first half. An income that was enough because, in the second, the white team had a physical and playing drop that Eibar tried to take advantage of, but was far from the comeback.

Real Madrid effective first half

Real Madrid made a very effective first half. Every time he approached the area or created danger or marked. Eibar, meanwhile, pressed up, had command of midfield, but Zidane’s, with long passes to Benzema and Hazard, solved all problems. Thus came Kroos’ 1-0 in minute four. Long pass to Benzema who stood in the area and among a good number of defenses and with rebound included, the ball came to Kroos who with a great shot marked 1-0. A goal in which the Basque team claimed Benzema offside at the start of the action, but the VAR validated the Frenchman’s position and the goal went up to the scoreboard.

Real Madrid vs Eibar: Real Madrid cut the gap on Barcelona to two point

Real Madrid, in their first shot on a goal, scored to send on the scoreboard. Eibar recovered and returned to their plan to press upon a solid Real in defense and on the contrary, scored 2-0 within half an hour of play. Ramos cut a ball, gave it to Benzema; the latter to Hazard who gave Ramos the goal that started a play ended. At half an hour, Madrid sent without problems and in case there were doubts, again the connection Benzema and Hazard function for the Belgian to shoot on goal, the Eibar goalkeeper rejected it fell to Marcelo who with a great shot put the 3 -0 on the scoreboard in the 37th minute.

Thus, without doing anything of the other world, but with tremendous effectiveness; Real Madrid went to the rest winning 3-0 to a willing Eibar; but who was not able to generate real danger, to disturb Courtois.

Real Madrid vs Eibar: Second half

The second half was completely different from the first. Eibar went for the comeback and squeezed a Madrid in which Carvajal, ‘touched’, left. Mendy came in to play as a right back. The white team was losing ground, presence on the field, and physically looked bad. Ramos also left. He ended up with an ice pack on his thigh, like Hazard and Rodrygo, Militao, Bale and Vinicius entered; but Madrid was still not in a field where Eibar pressed more and more. He found a reward with Bigas’ goal in the 60th minute to make it 3-1 on the scoreboard.

The gunsmith team did not slow down seeing that it was not impossible to think about the comeback against a Madrid that was not expected. Until Zidane gave in to Valverde, who gave the white team that breath of fresh air they needed in midfield. Madrid did not suffer as much and ended up taking the victory on their return to LaLiga.

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