Real Madrid vs Mallorca: Another victory for Real Madrid and another controversy

Real Madrid vs Mallorca: Another victory for Real Madrid and another controversy

Real Madrid vs Mallorca: Real Madrid maintains the league leadership after beating Mallorca, but it is true that it adds up and continues on the list of refereeing controversies. Four games since the return of LaLiga and four decisions by the members and the VAR that have caused complaints from everyone. Less than Madridistas, of course. Against Mallorca, the controversy was Vinicius’ 1-0. A great goal from the young Brazilian that surprised everyone with an unexpected definition for a player who misses more goals than hits. Although all that could have come to nothing because Mallorca asked for a foul by Carvajal at the start of the play.

The Real Madrid winger charged Dani Rodriguez and what looked like a foul ended Vinicius’ goal. Melero Lopez, the referee who was close to the action saw nothing and the VAR; after almost two minutes reviewing the play. He did not correct the decision of the referee so the 1-0 rose to the scoreboard.

A goal by Vinicius that Zidane kept in the eleven after his great game against Real Sociedad. Not only that, but the Frenchman surprised everyone by introducing Vinicius, Bale, Benzema, and Hazard. A very offensive eleven that Modric and Valverde should keep in the midfield. Zidane’s risky decision against a Mallorca that did not lock himself. In which Kubo shone with his own light; revealing Ramos on more than one occasion. The protagonists of the first minutes were Reina and Courtois, the two goalkeepers, who avoided the goals with good stops.

Madrid without people in the core did not rule the game and Mallorca approached with danger. Until Vinicius’ 1-0 action came in the 19th minute that four minutes sent a great shot to the crossbar. The Brazilian was the great offensive generator of a Madrid in which Zidane’s experiment did not finish working against a Mallorca that easily reached the Courtois area.

Real Madrid vs Mallorca: Second Half

Real Madrid vs Mallorca: Another victory for Real Madrid and another controversy

The first half ended with that 1-0 of Vinicius and the feeling that Zidane had to change his initial plan to dominate the game and ensure victory. Despite everything, the coach continued with his idea in the resumption of the game; and when it seemed that he was going to change by putting Kroos, it came 2-0. Lack in the front that Sergio Ramos masterfully executed to increase Madrid’s advantage on the scoreboard.

Mallorca much less fell apart by that marker and continued to squeeze a Real Madrid in which Zidane ended his four-pointed experiment in the 62nd minute by entering Kroos for Hazard. With one more half, Madrid sought to have more the ball, sleep the game; but Mallorca was not for the work and looking for the goal that would allow him to enter the game.

Zidane refreshed the white team with Isco and Marco Asensio and Vicente Moreno did the same. The first, to have more ball control and the second, to find the goal. The minutes passed and neither of the two coaches achieved the desired objective. Vicente Moreno spent his last bullet giving entrance to Luka Romero; who became the youngest player to debut in LaLiga history. It was a moment in the history of the league championship in which Real Madrid continues to lead after defeating Mallorca.

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