Sevilla vs Barcelona: Barcelona drop crucial points and leave LaLiga open

Sevilla vs Barcelona: Barcelona drop crucial points and leave LaLiga open

Sevilla vs Barcelona(0-0): Sevilla gives a glimpse to LaLiga of confinement. His draw against Barca left the Catalan leadership in the air since a victory for Real Madrid in San Sebastian would cause a tie for points. They were measure first against third and the one who benefits from it was the second. The theory that whoever plays first has the advantage because he puts more pressure on his rival was broken yesterday in Pizjuan. Setien already said that he did not think they would win all the remaining games and he was right. The ball is on the roof of Madrid, which will not have an easy match at Reale Arena either.

Sevilla vs Barcelona: Match Report

The atmosphere that exists in a full Sanchez-Pizjuan is one of the hottest in the League; that of an empty Pizjuan is another story. Perhaps that is why, due to the absence of an audience; Barcelona was very comfortable on the pitch from the start. He liked the touch game and took advantage of the bands; especially the one defended by Reguilon to try to get ahead on the scoreboard.

With Griezmann on the bench, the trident that Setien brought out was formed by Braithwaite, Messi, and Luis Suarez, who started five months later. It was precisely the Uruguayan who made the first shot on goal with a loose shot that Vaclik stopped. Sevilla lost possession of the ball; pressed up trying to surprise the Catalans, but except for a cross-shot by Kounde; the greatest danger Ter Stegen felt was missing any of the passes he made under Sevilla pressure. It was not the case.

The best of the first part was at Messi’s feet. The assumption was easy. The Argentine suffered a foul on the edge of the area; halfway between Munir and Reguilon, and his subsequent shot is worthy of reflection. Behind the Seville barrier, Munir lay down on the ground in case Leo shot from below; and Kounde was delayed towards the goal just after throwing the Argentine in case he was looking for the squad.

Sevilla vs Barcelona: Barcelona drop crucial points and leave LaLiga open

Lopetegui’s tactical work, with a double security system, paid off and the French central defender diverted Messi’s masterful shot that went directly to the angle of Vaclik’s goal. Poor control of the Czech goal that Braithwaite almost took advantage of in the small area; and a shot by Rakitic accompanied the lack of Messi as Barca occasions. Messi was also the protagonist later, but for another reason. After a Diego Carlos fouls on Luis Suárez; Leo rebuked the Brazilian for his action and pushed him causing his fall. All this caused a tango in which Fernando and Busquets ended up seeing yellow; but the protagonists of everything left without Gonzalez taking out their card. Something difficult to understand.

Sevilla vs Barcelona: Second Half

Lopetegui wanted more control in the second half and removed Banega for Oliver Torres after the restart. And the start of Sevilla in this period was better than in the initial one. A rogue play between Jesus Navas and Ocampos was about to make it 1-0, but the Argentine’s powerful shot was stopped by Ter Stegen with great success. Munir tried to try his luck two minutes later but the German goal appeared again. It was clear that party control changed hands in this period.

Barcelona did not appear and Sevilla went for the game. Suso left for Munir looking for more mordant. Setien was not clear to the point of removing Braithwaite and putting Arthur to reinforce the midfield. Messi and Luis Suarez remained as the leader’s offensive reference. With half an hour to play, Barca managed to stop Seville’s verve and they no longer reached the Catalan area as easily. A new foul in favor of Barcelona put fear in Sevilla’s body, but Vaclik deflected it for a corner. The leader was seen again and Griezmann left for Arturo Vidal to recover the 4-3-3 past the danger.

The minutes were passing but without clear occasions of danger. A dangerous counter with a bad pass from Reguilon, a weak shot from Ocampos was the last local hits. Who did have a clear was Luis Suarez to the center of Jordi Alba, but his shot was grazing the crossbar with beaten Vaclik. There was no more in a match that ended in a draw that left no one happy; despite scoring one point and which gives LaLiga a lot of life..

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