Valladolid vs Barcelona: Another survival triumph for Barcelona

Valladolid vs Barcelona: Another survival triumph for Barcelona

Valladolid vs Barcelona (0-1): Barcelona survives in the League thanks to a goal from Arturo Vidal in a good first half from Quique Setien’s team. Who again saw the second half go long, Endless, Agonic. He won by the minimum to Valladolid thanks to a goal by Arturo Vidal, with a great performance by Ter Stegen in the end. It is undeniable that the matches are long for Barcelona despite having brilliant moments. It does not complete 90 full minutes at a remarkable level or more. Again he did not know how to control the match in the final stretch; he suffered and put himself in the hands of Ter Stegen. Whether it is a physical matter or not, the team falls apart with the passage of minutes and resists clenching teeth.

Valladolid vs Barcelona: Match Overview

The Barcelona team deserved to have sentenced the clash in the first forty-five minutes; but between the goalkeeper Masip and the bad afternoon in the auction of Griezmann, who shared the game with Luis Suarez, with equal mistakes. Valladolid arrived alive at the final stretch of the match when he reacted in search of a tie and put Setien’s men on the ropes. Of Suarez’s performance, it could be said that Braithwaite was missed.

Valladolid vs Barcelona: Another survival triumph for Barcelona

Unexpectedly, Setien retouched the board and returned to the system of the three CB, that he tried to impose in his first games. Sergi Roberto, successful left-back at Villarreal’s 4-3-1-2, went on to play center-back on the right of a trio alongside Pique and Lenglet. The strategy, a 3-5-2, paid off, especially thanks to the fact that the drawing practically freed the wings from defensive work in Valladolid’s 4-3-1-2. Above all, Semedo found a highway on the right and participated in almost all the danger that Barca generated.

Apart from Barca’s first goal, he created three plays that deserved to end in the same way. A pass, just started the match, with a shot by Riqui (left-handed interior this time in the drawing) that Masip rejected. The best chance, in the beginning, an assist (half goal) to Griezmann, who incredibly forgave; and a shot from the own side to the pass of Messi, with another intervention by Masip. The 0-1 also came with the intervention of Semedo in combination with Messi; who assisted Arturo after a loss by Joaquin very close to the Pucelana area. Vidal finished on goal.

Griezmann, on the other hand, was the cross of the coin after two good performances in the previous system. The Frenchman already hinted that he was not in the best of his day. When he did not know how to finish a counter with a lot of space, with Messi just waiting for a shot. He wasted a pass from Semedo and shortly afterward he did not finish off a great center by Leo; this time more by Masip’s success than by his own error. The goal still had time before the break a shot by Messi in individual play.

Valladolid did little in the first half. His best chance was a start by Kike Perez, his man between the lines, after a poor clearance by Lenglet. Perez stumbled on his own and Ter Stegen caught. An attack by Alcaraz on Arturo Vidal ( heels to the calf and rivet with the other foot) was without the punishment of the red that he deserved.

Alcaraz was one of those sacrificed by Sergio in Valladolid’s return to 4-4-2 after the changes of the break. Valladolid then arranged a pair of attack Enes Unal-Sergi Guardiola (later replaced by Sandro) in a system that forced the wingers to defend more and bet on the transitions in search of a round-trip match. Setien also returned to a 4-4-2 with the changes and with the entry of Araujo by Lenglet; with a card by reiteration, a rule that only applies if it does not affect Real Madrid Casemiro. Sergi Roberto returned to the midfield.

Enes Unal tested Ter Stegen twice, with arrivals from Hervias’s right. Two of Sergio’s changes. Masip replied to his former German teammate in a direct free kick launched by Messi. By beating Mateu Lahoz, the heist had to come sooner or later. It was not penalty an attempt to deceive Luis Suarez in a fall in the area, but there was a grab from Kiko Olivas to Pique in the area. Very clear. Because of a much less clear play by Busquets, Barca had two points missed in Anoeta in the first round.

Ter Stegen was the guardian angel in the final cudgel of Valladolid, especially in two shots by Sandro. He was together with Pique, growing in the second part, with Araujo. He played, once again shrink balls and suffer.

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