Pablo Sarabia believes that it is time to leave football in the background

Pablo Sarabia: It is a pride to have entered the history of PSG

Pablo Sarabia: It is a pride to have entered the history of PSG

Coronavirus has interrupted the promising premiere Pablo Sarabia was having with PSG. In his first season at the PSG the former Real Madrid, Getafe and Sevilla team has 14 goals and eight assists in 36 games, 25 as a starter. He spoke about all that and much more in an interview with the official website of his new team

Defeating the coronavirus pandemic would be the true victory of the season. The footballers must “help” the clubs to overcome the crisis with a reduction in wages. Pablo Sarabia also believes that we must thank all the doctors, health personnel, police officers and others who fight in the front against the coronavirus.

Pablo Sarabia explains how the confinement happens; “I’m fine, I try to do many things to avoid spending all day watching TV and being too sedentary. I study French, play with my partner or cook to pass the time ”. Reveal what it reads: Harry Potter in Spanish: “Yes (laughs). I love to read, I have many books at home ”.

Asked by who gives a little joy to the WhatsApp groups, he says: “If I had to choose, I would say that Ander Herrera, Leo Paredes, Kimpembe (laughs). They are very fun players who create a good atmosphere. They helped me feel good, integrate when I got there. ”

Pablo Sarabia believes that today football should be left on the sidelines and think only about overcoming COVID-19.

On his personal situation and his analysis of the first season, he says: “I am very happy with the way my first year is going. it’s true that now I’m not thinking about it. We live in a very complicated situation and we should not even think about soccer ; but concentrate on improving this very serious situation ”..

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