Thiago silva set to leave PSG at the end of season

Thiago Silva says yes to Fiorentina

Thiago Silva and Paris Saint-Germain will separate their paths this June 30, as soon as the contract that unites them ends, as reported by the French media. The 35-year-old defender and captain of the French club will not continue in PSG after his arrival in 2012 from AC Milan, one of the entity’s great signings.

According to the French media, the sports director of the Leonardo club would have personally informed the player of the decision. A resolution that surely would not have pleased the central veteran who would have liked to stay in the French capital, as his wife Isabelle said in mid-May. “ For us, it would be great to continue at PSG, we like the club. This is where the children grew up, it is in Paris where we would like to continue our careers. ”

Thiago silva set to leave PSG at the end of season

We will have to see the next move in Thiago silva’s career. In recent days, numerous reports pointing to the player could return to Milan. His return to Brazil and, more specifically, to his former Fluminense club are not ruled out, but he should give up part of his record.

Rothen: “Thiago Silva has never been like Ramos or Van Dijk”

Jerome Rothen, a former French player for PSG, was forceful in his assessment of Thiago Silva’s departure from the Paris team at the end of the season. Leonardo has already informed the Brazilian that he will not renew with the Parisians, ending his contract at the end of this course.

Rothen noted that the Rio de Janeiro defender is one notch below the best central defenders in the world. “He has never been like Ramos or Van Dijk, nowhere else would he have earned the money he has taken in Paris; he is a good player, but limited mentally.”

“When you pay so much to a player, you hope that he will also transform those around him; if it were up to me, he would save me the two months of his contract; which he still has until August, he was crying all year to renew, even his wife was He got into that issue, and then he was the first to not accept the reduction of wages due to the crisis of the pandemic, “added Jerome Rothen.

If he ends up confirming his departure from PSG, the Brazilian will leave  Paris Saint-Germain with carrying 7 Ligue 1 titles, four French cups, and five league cups..

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