Ansu Fati leads Spain’s win over Ukraine

Ansu Fati leads Spain's win over Ukraine

The team has a new leader, a new idol. His name is Ansu Fati and he is 17 years old. Yes, only 17 years old, but more than enough to prove to the whole world that he is a different player, a star. The Barcelona player was the main protagonist of the triumph of Spain against a Ukraine that was the victim of Ansu Fati. Someone had to be and it was the turn of Shevchenko’s team that seen what he saw, he is the best in Ukraine. The bad thing for them is that he is on the bench and not on the field. Of course, surely neither he nor any of those who were at Di Stefano, Florentino Perez, including who was in the box, will forget what Ansu Fati did.

His show started after two minutes. The first ball he touched, spout to the Ukraine side, went to the rival goal, heeled dribble and a penalty from the Ukrainian center-back that Sergio Ramos scored. All this in the third minute of the game. Ansu Fati showed his stripes, his spectacular game, and the selection that always looked for him took advantage of that.

That 1-0 after three minutes gave wings to Spain against Ukraine who did not know what awaited them. La Roja, in which Luis Enrique had changed half the team with respect to the Germany game, pressed the ball out of a rival who did not see De Gea’s face even by accident. Quite the opposite of Spain that did not stop generating opportunities.

The debutant Reguilon had the goal, as did Ansu Fati who touched him on a couple of occasions, one of them from a Chilean that a Ukrainian defender almost avoided on the goal line. Spain, led by Ansu Fati, did what they wanted and only he needed to increase the score. He did it in the 29th minute by Sergio Ramos who culminated in a rehearsed play by Spain. The captain took advantage of the passivity of the Ukrainian defense and the poor performance of the goalkeeper to make it 2-0. The style that increased in the 32nd minute with the goal of Ansu Fati who with a couple of threats he got rid of his marker to get a hard shot out of the hat that first hit the post and then entered the goal.

Ansu Fati ‘s 1st international goal

Ansu Fati leads Spain's win over Ukraine

Ukraine, meanwhile, appeared down the stretch with their first shot between the three sticks that made many realize that De Gea was on the field. With that 3-0 the rest of a party on track for Spain in which Ansu Fati was the absolute and indisputable protagonist was reached. The second half continued with the same script as the first. Spain is the absolute owner of the match against a Ukraine that was neither there nor expected at Di Stefano.

With the scoreboard in favor, the rhythm of the national team dropped but it continued to generate scoring chances and even scored, but Gerard Moreno was annulled for offside. Seeing the panorama, Luis Enrique made his debut for Eric Garcia, who entered for Sergio Ramos and tested Ansu Fati as a nine when Ferran Torres entered for Gerard Moreno. Tests by the coach in which Oscar Rodriguez also participated, who entered for Rodri and sent a shot to the crossbar.

The one who did hit the mark was Ferran Torres, who with a great technical gesture at the time of shooting scored the 4-0 in the 83rd minute of the game. Thus, with a win came the first triumph of the team in the Nations League. A triumph of which the whole world will remind Ansu Fati which is the present and the future of La Roja.

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