Barcelona vs Girona: Barcelona easily beat Girona in the second preseason game

Barcelona vs Girona: Barcelona easily beat Girona in the second preseason game

Barcelona vs Girona (3-1): A handful of training sessions and a while in the first two friendlies have been enough for Leo Messi to show that the goal is not worked, that scoring is a gift. And he has it in his genes. Against Girona, he devised the first with a great pass; signed the second with a powerful shot from the front of the area with his right, and scored the third by scoring it with his left. Koeman’s Barcelona is also Messi’s Barca. It is hard to think that there was a danger of a transfer of one’s own free will.

Although he is still in the second test of the preseason, with many unknowns to unravel, Koeman taught more than expected. He made a team play for an hour with the starting format. The tactical drawing did not change; he resorted to the double pivot to give balance and placed four attackers ahead. Messi, with the order to be false 9, Trincao on the right, Griezmann as a midfielder, and Coutinho on the left. The appearance of this eleven won as a starting point. The idea of ​​the technician began to spread on the field with more superiority than poise.

Faced with a Girona tormented by important absences, such as Stuani’s, Barca spent the time combining, looking for spaces between the lines and game changes as new resources. The low pace, normal in the preseason, did not allow excessive functionality but it was enough to create some occasions. A first from Coutinho with a shot that bounced off a rival and ended up being rejected by the crossbar. The second, Leo’s shot collided with Juan Carlos’s chest, a third from Leo’s foul, and the fourth at twenty minutes, was already final. The four forwards intervened in a nostalgic play at the first touch with Griezmann’s recovery; Messi genius in the gap, Trincao’s assistance, and shot to the goal by Coutinho.

The score of 2-0 could be increased immediately with another shot from Coutinho, the one that proved it the most, but the prize for insistence did not arrive until a minute to the end of the first half and the first test when Messi drew from the front with the right, his less usual leg. The ball hit the Girona goalkeeper’s long post.

Despite the comfortable score, Barca sharpened the defense. He made several mistakes that could cost a goal and it was not because of the inclusion of Araujo, who was very attentive to the cut, but because of midfield control errors. One of them, committed by De Jong in the first moments of the second half, cost the first goal of an orderly and serious Girona but mitigated potential by the absences. Samu Saiz, who treasures good quality, did not spare the gift.

Barcelona vs Girona: Barcelona easily beat Girona in the second preseason game

Messi wasted no time in amending the ruling with a kick outside the area that, thanks to its impact on an opponent, slipped into the goal of a desperate Juan Carlos. He left the marker in the franchise for the second row that entered at the time of the meeting. An experimental double pivot with Riqui Puig and Alena and with Dembele on the right when shooting. Pedri was also seen with a flash from the left and details of crack. It has a catalog and football. It was a Barcelona driven by Riqui and Alena, who did not clash and based on the impetus of young people like Konrad and Pedri and the desire of Braithwaite. Good performances that did not translate into a goal. That is a Messi thing, of course. The problem is that it snapped back.

Barcelona vs Girona: Match Overview

Barcelona Team Line-up:

Neto, Sergi Roberto, Pique, Araujo, Alba, Sergio Busquets, De Jong, Trincao, Messi, Coutinho, and Griezmann.

Girona Team Line-up:

Juan Carlos, Calavera, Alcala, Bernardo, Mojica, Gumbau, Ibrahima Kebe, Valery, Jairo, Samu Saiz and Adria Turmo.

Goal: 3-1

Coutinho (21′); 2-0: Messi (44 ‘); 2-1: Samu Saiz (46 ‘) and 3-1: Messi (50’)


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