Bayern Munich, champions of the Super Cup against Sevilla

Bayern Munich, champions of the Super Cup against Sevilla

The Sevilla could see not made his dream of winning their second European Super Cup and lost to reality Bayern Munich. Who won the Champions and currently the best team of the world, not without leaving a lesson of resistance, enduring as large and even doing damage moments to the German team; who won thanks to a goal in extra time by Javi Martinez.

Because Lopetegui’s team, on top of it less rolled than its rival, began by surprising the German giant in the first minutes. Bayern Munich did not expect the intelligent departure of the Andalusians, experts in knowing how to compete and in hurting their rivals. With spaces, Jesus Navas attacked a band in which there were doubts as to whether Alaba or Lucas Hernandez were going to occupy the side.

A center of his to the area one of the times that he won the position, De Jong took it down from the front so that Rakitic; when he was about to finish off, he received a foul from Alaba. Englishman Taylor decided on the penalty spot and Lucas Ocampos did not forgive. The Argentine’s hitting, low and to the right of Neuer unleashed the momentary madness of the Sevilla fans, just about 500 braves in the stands of the Puskas Arena.

Sevillans rubbed his eyes. He beat Bayern Munich in a final, but he had to prepare for the worst. Those of Flick it was clear that they were going to tighten and their roller when it works is difficult to break. So it was. With possession and an infernal attack rhythm, he was getting Sevilla close to Bono; who was beginning to have work. Muller already forgave at 21 minutes with everything in favor and Pavard also finished off with everything in favor. The clearest was a heads-up from Lewandowski that saved the Europa League hero. I would not forgive the Bavarian box to the next. A perfect maneuver with a pass back at the first touch of the Pole to Goretzka culminated a great play by Bayern Munich 1-1.

The Sevilla resisted as could the German onslaught, which continued in the first minutes of the second half. Between the race of their defenses, with the physical deployment of Kounde and Diego Carlos, and the VAR, which above all annulled a goal that had music, Lopetegui’s men stood and showed their teeth when they could. And he did so in this period through En-Nesyri, who came out through De Jong in a clear commitment to the race into space. Thus, the Moroccan who saved Neuer in 87 had a very clear heads-up, which would have avoided the extension and, with it, more suffering.

Sevilla falls with pride of a champion

Bayern Munich, champions of the Super Cup against Sevilla

In the added time the Germans continued to do their thing, while Sevilla did not renounce those cons that could surprise. Jordan tried and En – Nesyri once again brushed against him in another run that ended with the ball hitting the post after hitting Neuer’s foot. But it all ended after the warnings from Kimmich and Tolisso. A corner ended with a shot from Alaba that Bono rejected and the loose ball was hunted headlong by the newly-out Javi Martinez.

The Sevilla tried it until the end, but it forces failed him against a great opponent before he fell, yes, but stand for the pride of their own. This Sevilla is not only capable of taking the almighty Bayern to an extension, but it draws strength from where there is none to remain standing while a breath of air remains in its lungs. Or not even that. An injured Jordan, who was substituted a few minutes later, started extra time with a personal move that could end in a goal.

The one who really had it was En-Nesyri again, in a personal move that ended in the post when Neuer was already beaten after a shot with the right. What little was missing. And forgiving Bayern Munich is expensive. In the last play of the first half of extra time, after a corner kick and a subsequent shot by Alaba, Javi Martinez headed Bono’s clearance into the net. The Super Cup was escaping. There was no more strength to even try in the second half. They fought until the end, as Sevilla always does, dignifying national football. This year he will fight a lot again in every competition he plays. That without hesitation.

Bayern Munich vs Sevilla: Match Overview

Bayern Munich Team Line-up:

Neuer, Pavard, Sule, Lucas Hernandez (Alphonso Davies, 99′), Alaba (Boteng, 112′), Kimmich, Goretzka (Martinez, 99′), Sane (Tolisso, 70′), Muller, Gnabry, and Lewandowski.

Sevilla Team Line-up:

Bono, Jesus Navas, Kounde, Diego Carlos, Escudero, Fernando, Joan Jordan (Vazquez, 94′), Rakitic (Oliver Torres, 56′), Suso (Gudelj, 73′), Ocampos and De Jong (Nesyri, 56′).

Alaba (12′), Jordan (45′), Kounde (55 ‘), Fernando (70′), Lucas Hernandez (90′), Escudero (119’)

Goal: 2-1
0-1, Ocampos (13′), 1-1, Goretzka (34′), 2-1, Martinez (104′)

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