Betis vs Real Madrid: Real Madrid and VAR defeat Betis

Betis vs Real Madrid: Real Madrid and VAR defeat Betis

Betis vs Real Madrid: Real Madrid beat Betis at Villamarin with the undisputed prominence of the VAR. Video refereeing was the protagonist in almost all the games of the white team in the Express League last season that Real Madrid ended up with. Now, in the second league game for the Whites. VAR has reappeared to end up being decisive in the Whites’ victory. In the 68th minute, the video referee, after reviewing the action of Burgos Bengoetxea, caused Emerson the red. Betis, with 2-2, was left with 10 and in 81′.

The VAR told the referee to go see an action by Bartra that ended in a penalty that Ramos transformed at 2-3. A review, the penalty, which came when the game had continued and no one had claimed that action. Thus, with the VAR involved, Real Madrid achieved the first victory of the league championship. A victory that was not easy at all for the whites who this time did see the door against a Betis that deserved more and that in the first half ‘danced’ for many minutes to Real Madrid.

A Real Madrid in which Zidane decided to bet on bringing together Benzema and the claimed Jovic to solve the goal problem. After two minutes, Benzema scored, but the goal was disallowed for a clear offside. It was a vibrant start to the game, with chances for both rivals. Courtois avoided Sanabria’s goal with a great save and shortly after, Valverde did manage to beat Joel in the 14th minute of the game.

That 0-1 gave a lot of confidence to a Madrid that had the 0-2 in 16 ‘, but Ramos missed a sung goal. The game seemed to be one of Zidane’s, but Betis was rebuilt with Canales leading the Verdiblanco attack. Those of Pellegrini passed over a Real Madrid that was neither there nor was it scared. A dominance reflected on the scoreboard by Mandi who made it 1-1 in the 35th minute and William Carvalho in the 37th minute turned the scoreboard with 2-1.

Thus, and with a chance from Benzema and with Kroos leaving injured, it was time to break. Zidane decided to move a tab after the break by removing a gray Odegaard and put Isco. Real Madrid was resurrected with Emerson’s 2-2 own goal in the 49th minute. The whites equalized the match against a Betis that did not command as much, but that continued to generate chances. Equality marked the duel until in minute 67, Emerson left for a direct red for a foul on Jovic who left only for Joel. A play that seemed offside by the Serbian ended, VAR by, in red for Emerson.

Madrid, with one more, commanded and even Benzema scored but was annulled for offside. However, the whites did not score until the VAR penalty arrived at the hand of Bartra that Sergio Ramos transformed in the 82nd minute. Betis looked for the draw until the end and that gave Madrid chances to score, but in the end, no more goals came and the whites released victory and VAR.

Betis vs Real Madrid Positive Points

Betis vs Real Madrid: Real Madrid and VAR defeat Betis

Benzema scored at the minute (annulled), he assisted Valverde in the 0-1. He was one of those who most participated in the team’s attack plays. He caused Emerson’s 2-2 at his own goal, and the red to the Brazilian was born from a great pass yours. He gave a real recital of how a forward can be key for his team without scoring a goal, which would have been the icing on the cake. The season begins as the last one ended.

The entry of Modric and Isco to rest gave their team much more power on the field. Paradoxically, it generated more danger to the counter than in static, but that madness was good for Real Madrid. Which tied and was left with one more after two errors by Emerson and took the lead in a penalty over Mayoral.

The first victory of the year for the champion, who except for a stretch in the first half had a fairly correct match. If you want to repeat the success of the last league, the second 45 minutes could be a good learning element for it.

Shortly after half an hour passed, Betis took full control of the game. His good handling of the ball and his persistence ended up as a reward, as they turned the scoreboard in just two minutes, with merit

First Mandi after a great pass from Canales, and then Carvalho in a dry shot from the edge. They came back from the game to put their team ahead on the scoreboard before the break

Bad News for Madrid

Kroos injured at the start of the season

The second game of the season for Zidane’s men and the first big setback in terms of injuries. A puncture in the thigh caused Kroos to go to the shower just before the break. The German was doing a good game in the direction of the team, but his body said enough and in the absence of medical tests, the logical thing is that he will miss at least the games of the next two weeks.

Odegaard Missing In Action

This is how the former Real Sociedad player was in Seville today. Zidane gave him the opportunity again when he started, but the Norwegian had almost no impact on the creation of his team. Very weak game of the young Nordic, who has yet to prove his worth in this team if he wants to have more prominence. The minutes are always expensive here.

Betis vs Real Madrid: Match Overview

Betis Team Line-up:

Joel, Emerson, Mandi, Bartra, Alex Moreno, Guido, William, Joaquin (Tello,63′) , Canales, Fekir (Loren,73′) and Sanabria (Montoya, 69′).
Real Madrid Team Line-up:

Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Mendy, Casemiro, Kroos (Modric,45′), Valverde, Odegaard (Isco, 46′), Jovic (Borja Mayoral, 72′) and Benzema.


Emerson (12′), Guido (40′), Carvajal (42′), Modric (53′), Bartra (81′), Canales (84′), Mandi (91′)

RED Cards:
Emerson (68′)

Goal: 2-3
0-1, Valverde (14′), 1-1, Mandi (35′); 2-1, William (37′); 2-2, Emerson (pp) (49′), 2-3, Sergio Ramos (pen. 82′)

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