Cavani is the man who would solve Real Madrid’s goal problems

Cavani is the man who would solve Real Madrid's goal problems

Real Madrid has started the new season just like the previous one, a lot of ball control, few chances, and no goals. The most surprising thing is not that Madrid has not evolved in their game but that, seeing the problems that dragged themselves in front of goal and that became even more visible against Manchester City, the white team has not strengthened. The goal remains his pending issue and the solution, at least in the short term, does not have a Norwegian accent but an Uruguayan. Edinson Cavani could be the key that unblocks Madrid’s problems in the rival area.

Edinson Cavani was not part of Florentino Perez’s plans, but if suddenly they offer you a striker for whom more than one team sighs, at zero cost, and who could remedy many of the problems with the goal, there is not much to think. To Real Madrid. It would not hurt to have an experienced striker as he did in his day signing Van Nistelrooy and tried without success with Lewandowski.

Cavani can be his man, and is that at the moment the Uruguayan is without a team and that at 33 years of age he can go to Madrid is a unique opportunity to continue playing in Europe in a first-class club and that they have few footballers. It would be nothing more than an improvised and temporary solution, a marriage of convenience but one that could bring great benefits to both parties. Sometimes the most unexpected unions produce the best results.

Madrid could hit the table in a market without great movements and almost by chance that great annual signing to which Madridistas are accustomed would land at the Santiago Bernabeu and which, for now, this year has not arrived. Perhaps and without knowing it the ground was being prepared for the arrival of the Uruguayan. With Cavani, Real Madrid ensures goals, at least more than those guaranteed by Luka Jovic who does not quite convince Zidane.

Cavani is the man who would solve Real Madrid's goal problems

Seeing Cavani dressed in white would not be crazy. It is an opportunity that should not be missed by either party. He is the goal man that the white team needs. There will be time to think about the future and Haaland. Now Real Madrid must focus on this season and if they want to fight to the end for the three titles they cannot continue for another year depending solely on Benzema. All help is good and if one is presented for free, it does not hurt to accept it, otherwise, Madrid may regret once again the lost chance and the goals they will not count on.

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