Coronavirus Update: First La Liga Player tested positive for Coronavirus

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La Liga has five cases of coronavirus detected among players and coaches

La Liga has five cases of coronavirus in the Valencia team and coaching staff, one of which is Garay plus two other players, Mangala and Gaya, the delegate, Paco Camarasa, and a member of the medical staff, Juan Aliaga. It is the first LaLiga team to suffer a pandemic outbreak. In fact, from the club, it is transmitted that during the day they could have new news about the infection since some results with members of the staff are still uncertain.

All of them are well, in fact, several of them have no symptoms, but the club suspects that the list will grow in the next few hours given the many contacts that were made until last Friday, the entity sent the players to their homes and he suspended training due to the spread of the virus and the suspension of competitions.

The first to announce it was Garay, who did it, as he usually does, on social networks and with good humor.

“I started the year with a bad leg, I have tested positive for the coronavirus, I feel very well and now it only remains to pay attention to the health authorities”

He underwent surgery in February for a serious knee injury. In the entity, they knew that they had many numbers to catch. Beyond the possibilities that everyone has, the Albert Celades team had three moments of special risk.

The first was the trip last February 18 to face Atalanta in San Siro. The city of Milan is one of the areas through which the virus entered Europe and the whole of northern Italy was the first confined area. In fact, in this displacement a journalist has been infected, one of whom is still current on the team, who is still hospitalized..

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