Cristiano Ronaldo reaches 100 goals for Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo reaches 100 goals for Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo, or that man who will be remembered in history books as the lord and master of goal. For almost two decades, the one from Madeira has been drilling the nets of all the goals of the football planet, regardless of the team or the competition. His permanent love affair with the goal is worth recounting.

His first goal against Sweden in the UEFA Nations League made him a centenary with his team, and he achieved it with his favorite goal, from a free-kick. Minutes later, the insatiable predator scored 101, leaving him only eight goals to match the legend of Ali Daei and his ‘unattainable’ 109 goals for Iran.

His goal 100 with Portugal had to be like this: a beastly direct free-kick from Cristiano Ronaldo !!

Cristiano Ronaldo has long established himself in that second position, and between eyebrows, he has that record. Long ago he left behind the 84 of Puskas, the 80 of Kamamoto, and the 79 of Chitalu, players who complete the top five, all of them retired. Inactive, no one coughs Cristiano when it comes to international matches. The Portuguese are light years behind Messi (70), Neymar Jr. (61), and Lewandowski (61), who are the other world-class scorers to have coincided in the CR7 era.

Obviously, the 7 is not only the centurion of the goal when the Portuguese jacket is worn. There are more remarkable feats in his track record. Top scorer in the history of Real Madrid Few players can boast of having scored more than matches played. Cristiano Ronaldo yes, and in a whole Real Madrid, the biggest and most difficult club of all those who practice this noble sport.

The star scored 450 goals in 438 games with the elastic merengue, almost nothing. It significantly surpassed the prohibitive 323 of Raul Gonzalez Blanco and of course the 308 of Alfredo di Stefano. In nine seasons he established a brand that will take years to be surpassed if anyone succeeds. Mister Champions League With five Champions League he could be satisfied, only Paco Gento has more, but Cristiano Ronaldo is different. Every time the anthem of the European Cup sounds, the same thing happens to him as with the Portuguese one, he is transformed.

With 130 celebrations, he is the top scorer in the history of the most prestigious club competition, 15 above a certain Leo Messi (115), and very far behind the third, Raul (71). Historic top scorer of the European Cups. When he was very young, he saw Greece snatch Euro 2004 from his face, in his country. Since then he vowed not to stop until he did that tournament of his. Like almost everything he sets out to do, he succeeded.

Cristiano Ronaldo reaches 100 goals for Portugal

He managed to win champion in 2016, against all odds, but it did not stop there. That same year he became the top scorer in the final phase, accumulating 9 goals, equaling Platini. Eternal fight with Leo Messi The continuous fight that he has had with the Argentine throughout his career has helped Cristiano to strengthen himself day by day. At present the one from Madeira has celebrated more goals than the one from Rosario, it is true that 10 with 276 fewer games.

The player Juventus sum 739 goals in 1015 games, by 704 in 869 Leo. Despite the fact that the former takes two years off the latter, it does not seem to be on CR7’s mind to abandon the fight early due to age. While he can, he will continue to fight for, once both retired, to stay ahead of Messi.

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