FIFA proposes expiring contracts to be extended

FIFA proposes expiring contracts to be extended

FIFA thinks player and coach contracts should be extended to complete season

A leaked FIFA document brings some clarity to the route football’s governing body may take to solve issues surrounding player and coach contracts, transfer windows and other issues raised by the coronavirus outbreak

A FIFA document sent to the organization’s Coronavirus Working Group has called for players and coaches’ contracts to be extended until the end of the delayed football season. According to an internal document, which the Reuters agency had access to, FIFA wants the contracts of the players and coaches that end this June to be extended until the end of this season so that they can complete the season.

In this world, most of the world’s leagues have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and there is no certainty, given the global health crisis when they will be able to resume or even if they will resume. One of the big unknowns was precisely what happened to the contracts of the players and coaches whose contracts expired in June, when everything indicates that, for the leagues to be completed, the competition will have to continue during the month of July. FIFA has already spoken.

According to this internal FIFA document, the agency estimates that the dates of the transfer markets should vary on schedule. On the other hand, the majority of club staff either negotiate or already have an agreement with their leaders to lower their salaries, in order to help entities, which suffer great economic losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is also advised that FIFA uses its newly-created ‘Fund for Professional Players’ to help ease any difficulties that clubs are facing. Transfer windows that are fixed around the end and the start of the seasons will also need to be changed to fit in with altered season dates..

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