Do you know which leagues have the best and worst average goals per game?

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If something is attracting attention especially in this strange start to the course in Europe; it is the spectacular results that are taking place in the Premier League. But not only the English championship is throwing great scoring numbers. Serie A and Bundesliga are also being prolific. Even Ligue 1 also surpasses LaLiga on average, which at the start of the season is at the tail end of the major European tournaments in terms of scoring.

After 43 matches played in Spain, 95 goals have been achieved, representing an average scoring average of 2.21, below the 2.67 in Ligue 1, 3.4 in the Bundesliga, and 3.5 in the Serie A, and the 3’79 of the Premier League.

Suffice it as an example to indicate that in 38 games that have been played in England, no less than 144 goals have been scored, that is, 49 more than in Spain with five fewer games.

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Also, Italy and Germany have spectacular numbers over Spain. In Serie A 28 games have been played and 98 goals have been scored, three more than in Spain with 15 fewer games. In Germany, there are 92 in 27 crashes. France, for its part, has played 60 games, with 160 total goals.

Taking as an example the championship with the best average, the British one, this is not only due to the theoretically more powerful teams passing over the more modest ones. Without going any further, this past day Liverpool fell resoundingly at the hands of Aston Villa (7-2), while a historic man like Manchester United did it at Old Trafford against one of the fashionable teams in recent years, Tottenham ( 1-6). Not to mention the defeat that Manchester City suffered on matchday three against Leicester (2-5). It is clear that the Premier League is revolutionized.

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