Manchester United footballer Rashford raises 23 million with a promise

Manchester United footballer Rashford raises 23 million with a promise

Marcus Rashford raised € 23m to provide food for disadvantaged children in the United Kingdom

Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has raised more than £ 20m (€ 23m) to provide food for underprivileged children in the UK. The 22-year-old player teamed up with the FareShare company to help out during confinement and prevent children in situations of exclusion from having to eat during these months.

Marcus Rashford rebels against cuts by the British government. The government has planned to end the free school meal voucher program over the summer. He does not conceive such a measure with the current health situation caused by the coronavirus. “The system is not built for families like mine to be successful,” he said.

Manchester United footballer Rashford raises 23 million with a promise

England forward Rashford has raised around £ 20m to supply three million meals to vulnerable people while working with the FareShare UK charity during the confinement for the coronavirus. The player has written a letter to British parliamentarians in which he narrated his experiences as a child in which he depended on the food stamp and food bank program. In the letter, he recalls that his story is “too common for families in England.”

Speaking to the BBC, Rashford spoke about the letter he has sent to the government. “My mother worked full time, earning the minimum wage, to make sure we always had a good dinner at the table, but it wasn’t enough,” he says. “Food poverty in England is a pandemic that could span generations if we don’t take action now,” adds the tip.

In this sense, Rashford points out that the government’s Universal Credit benefits system (food stamps) “is simply not a short-term solution” to the problem of food poverty; because “I am fully aware that most of the Families who apply are experiencing five-week delays. ”

Rashford stresses: ” Leaving political affiliations aside, can’t we all agree that no child should be hungry?”.

The player also spoke about the sacrifices his mother had to make to support her family. We went to a store for everything for a pound and we bought seven yogurts; so we could eat one every day.

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