Messi and Guardiola donates €1 million to fight the coronavirus

Messi and Guardiola donates €1 million to fight the coronavirus

Messi and Guardiola have joined the fight against the coronavirus.

Messi and Guardiola are another of the athletes who have made a donation in the last hours to buy medical supplies and to help in research to find a cure for the pandemic.

Leo Messi makes a donation to fight Covid19 at CLINIC. Thank you very much, Leo Messi, for your commitment and your support ”. With this phrase, the official account of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona has announced that the captain of FC Barcelona has given a significant amount of money to fight the pandemic that is ravaging the planet.

the Catalan player will dedicate an amount that will be around a million euros for the fight against the coronavirus. This amount will be divided between the Clinic, a reference center in Barcelona; ​​the city where he is an idol, and another medical center in his country Argentina.

With this money, these referring medical centers will be able to buy material to cope with a large number of patients. Messi has always been involving in solidarity in medical projects. In fact, it has been decisive in the Pediatric Center at the Barcelona Hospital. Leo has turned to this project in which he has covered many small cancer patients.

Related to COVID-19, Messi has participated in the FIFA project to raise awareness among the population; that they must take great care of their hand hygiene in order to avoid the spread of this disease.

Pep Guardiola has also donated a million euros to fighting against the coronavirus. In the case of the Manchester City coach, he has joined the aid with a large contribution to the Fundacio Angel Soler Daniel for the acquisition of medical supplies. Donations for this campaign, which started last Saturday, can be made through the bank account.

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