Messi: “It was important to start winning”

Messi: "It was important to start winning"

Argentina qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022 and dismissed of Russia 2018, with a victory over Ecuador in a match lacking pace. If in that famous meeting, Leo Messi had to come to the rescue with a hat-trick, in the one lived today, the star and Argentina had already learned their lesson. They don’t want any surprises on the way to what is likely to be the last 10 World Cup. Messi came out very active from the first minute, running, pressing, and flagging the chances of the Scaloni Selection in an empty Bombonera.

He made and undone the Ecuadorian defense as he wanted in the first half, despite the marking received and the advanced pressure of Alfaro’s men. His connection with Lautaro, increasingly latent. The moment of Ocampos, for the benefit of Argentina, a reality.

Precisely from the Sevilla’s boots came the first goal in the 11th minute. Lucas, after a pass from Messi into the area, was swept by Estupinan. Clear penalty. He did not hesitate and did not miss the 10 that crossed Dominguez’s left post. Since then, little more than nothing. Argentina went down a march and Ecuador did not resist. And so it came to rest, with more rough play than chances.

The second half began wanting to sentence Argentina and thus, not complicate the three points. Scaloni advanced the pressure and that put in serious complications the exit of the ball of a Tri, that continued without finding the north. Two minutes after the restart, Ocampos, after a good drop from Lautaro, tested Dominguez’s reflexes, who reacted in an outstanding way.

After that brilliant start, which the sky could not take advantage of, Ecuador began to grow. He resumed that advance pressure and little by little began to frequent the Armani area, but with very little creativity. In spite of all this, the game still lacked rhythm but had plenty of aggressiveness.

Messi: "It was important to start winning"

This uprising of those of Alfaro lasted until Messi wanted, woke up at 10 and Argentina woke up. It was activated with the departure of Salvio and the change of band by Ocampos, and he was about to turn the 2-0 into one of his classic shots from the front, but Arboleda got in his way. In the last ten minutes, he focused his position and nurtured the attack of Scaloni’s men as only he knows.

Argentina won and started the route to Qatar on the right foot, but did not convince. Leo Messi fought, pressed, defended, attacked, and scored, undoubtedly the best news for a country that dreams of that golden cup that is at the end of the road that began today in the Bombonera, and in which there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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