Mourinho reveals what he said to Pep Guardiola

Mourinho reveals what he told Guardiola during Barcelona vs Inter in 2010

Mourinho reveals what he told Guardiola during Barcelona vs Inter in 2010

This Friday Inter Milan marks 10 years of a historic treble. That was consummated after winning the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium with Jose Mourinho on the bench. In an interview he recalled one of the most iconic images of the Champions League during the return match between Barcelona and Inter. When Mourinho approached Pep Guardiola (coach Barca) to whisper something in his ear before the gaze of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“When Busquets fell almost stunned; I was diagonally between our bench and theirs. The places where Thiago Motta was sent off. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Barcelona bench celebrating as if they had already won. Guardiola calling Ibra to talk about tactics in 11 against 10.

I simply told him: “Do not throw the party that the game has not ended. Mourinho assures in the interview that Motta’s expulsion midway through the first half caused euphoria in Barcelona; ​​which had to come from 3-1 in the first leg. “Barça’s bench celebrated the expulsion as if they had won .”In the end, Barcelona stayed one goal behind (they won 1-0 that night) and the now Tottenham coach remembers that defeat as the “most wonderful of my career”:

“On the field, you have to find solutions. This was the most wonderful loss of my career. We didn’t lose 1-0, we won 3-2 in epic conditions. Mourinho acknowledges in this interview the moment he decided to leave Inter to sign for Real Madrid: “I decided to say goodbye after the match at Camp Nou: I already knew we were going to win the Champions League. Moratti knew it without needing to speak”.

Mourinho’s message that was fulfilled after Ibra’s goodbye

Mourinho also reveals in the interview how Ibrahimovic’s departure to Barcelona in 2009. He entered the locker room and said: ‘I’m leaving, I have to win the Champions League’. My Italian assistants were dead: ‘Without him, it will be impossible to win “And the teammates didn’t want to lose him. I was also worried, but it came out saying; ‘Maybe you will leave and we will win. So I said to Branca, If you want to go to Barcelona, ​​let’s try to sign Eto’o. He and Milito could tactically give something different to the team.

The Portuguese coach recounted the moment of greatest tension as Inter coach: “After the defeat of Bergamo (3-1, January 2009) I was very violent with the players, only after telling them that they had won shitty titles, I understood that I had hurt them. And I apologized. There I felt the emotions of the group, I was at 200%. I felt more like a coach. However, in Madrid I was happier with the happiness of others than with my own afterward of having won a Champions League. Marco represented a team player and the sadness that we all felt. When the team needed him, he was there.

I am a Catholic and I believe a lot in these things; so maybe God put him there to be the last player that In that hug, I hugged all my players. It seems strange to me that someone like him is not at Inter. Mourinho acknowledges that over time he remembers his years at Inter more fondly than at Real Madrid. Ten years later at Inter we are still all together. We have never been so happy in Madrid..

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