PSG joins the interest of Juventus and Madrid for the Uruguayan

PSG joins the interest of Juventus and Madrid for the Uruguayan

Luis Suarez is still looking for a team for next season after Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona’s new coach; informed him that he does not have him for his time at the head of the Catalan bench. Despite the physical problems that he has dragged on for the last two years. Luis Suarez, at 33, has a good poster and has aroused the interest of top-level clubs such as Juventus in Turin or Atletico Madrid. The last interested party, according to Le10Sport of France, is PSG (Paris Saint-Germain); where his friend Neymar plays and who has just achieved the runner-up in the Champions League this year.

In the Qatari leadership of Paris Saint-Germain, based in Doha; they see with good eyes the possible incorporation of the Uruguayan star. In addition, the value positively that he can arrive for free after terminating his contract with Barcelona. As for his high salary, it doesn’t seem like a problem in Doha. Yes, it could be at Atletico Madrid, a club that has a high salary mass and that has to adapt to the financial fair play that UEFA requires. The mattresses want the Uruguayan, but Luis Suarez’s record in Barcelona is very high.

Luis Suarez: I will be with team, when they return

In addition, the fact of not having to pay for a transfer would facilitate other clubs that could seduce him with a transfer bonuses for arriving free, which would further improve his conditions and from Doha, they could offer him a much more salary so that Luis Suarez would pack his bags to Paris and meet with Neymar. In such a way, the Parisians would have Messi’s two great friends upfront. A tactic to convince the Argentine if he ends up leaving Barcelona?

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