Rugani: I feel good, I hope it will serve to raise awareness

Rugani: I feel good, I hope it will serve to raise awareness | Insider Broadcast

The Juventus defender Daniele Rugani, the first elite footballer to test positive for the coronavirus

Italian Juventus defender Daniele Rugani, said Monday that he is fine and expressed the wish that his case “sensitize everyone” about the importance of taking precautions against this disease.

Rugani was the first of nine confirmed cases of contagion in the Italian Serie A and acknowledged that at the beginning it was “a psychological blow” for him, in a video appearance on Juventus’ official television.

“I’m fine, I want to calm everyone down. I have never had the serious symptoms that are heard, so I consider myself lucky”

Rugani said it was a real shock because I was the first in our community. I hope it has served to raise awareness, especially those who did not understand the seriousness of this problem, “added the international defender, who is currently isolated in a room at the J-Hotel.

“There was a great immediate impact on my case in the media. Many people wrote to me and I appreciate it. I am going to overcome this, we are going to get ahead and I hope we all come out even stronger, ”said Rugani.

Juventus announced last Wednesday the positive for coronavirus of the defender, and noted that the player was “asymptomatic”. He was the first Serie A player to be officially affected by the disease.

Rugani promised to come out of this disease “stronger than before” and thanked those who sent him messages of support in recent days.

In recent days, in addition to the positive of Rugani, the contagion of the Argentine German Pezzella, Patrick Cutrone and the Croatian Dusan Vlahovic, of Fiorentina, of the Gambian Omar Colley, the Swede Albin Ekdal, the Italians Antonino La Gumina and Manolo Gabbiadini and Norwegian Morten Thorsby of Sampdoria.

Until now, in Italy, there have been 1,811 deaths and more than 24,500 infected by the coronavirus epidemic..

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