Arsenal, first Premier league team to train again

Arsenal, first Premier league team to train again

Arsenal, the first club to train for a Premier that is rescheduled for June 8

Arsenal and Brighton were the first clubs in the Premier to return to training. They have done it individually and keeping safe distances. The Premier clubs will meet this Friday to discuss different possible options for the return to the competition; which would take place behind closed doors. The clubs will meet by videoconference this Friday, as they have done in the past few weeks.

Despite sighting a possible date, there are still many questions to solve; such as tests on footballers to determine that they are fit to play; if they will be the closed-door meetings (it is the most probable option); and if it will be played on the usual fields or will be played at a central headquarters, to avoid possible spread. In addition, one of the options that the Premier handles is to televise the games for free so that fans do not tend to congregate, either at home or even on the streets when celebrating a title.

The deadline to end the season that the Premier wants to reach is July 31, given that it is impossible to close before June 30 and avoid conflicts with the contracts of players and sponsors that end on that date. The return to training with the entire team is scheduled for May 19.

But, today Arsenal has raised the curtain and the players can go to train individually. The Arsenal players have a particular schedule and attend the facilities in turns, avoiding getting together.

More than 20,000 people have lost their lives in the UK due to coronavirus. Domic Raab, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, stated that professional sport “may return due to the number of tests” that may be introduced..

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