Arsenal vs Leicester: Vardy gives Leicester victory against Arsenal at the Emirates 48 years later !!!

Arsenal vs Leicester: Vardy gives Leicester victory against Arsenal at the Emirates 48 years later !!!

Arsenal vs Leicester (0-1): Finally came Leicester’s first victory in 48 years at Arsenal (0-1). And of course, Vardy, the second player who has scored the most goals for the Gunners in the 21st century with 11, was in charge of breaking the curse with a header. And it is that Vardy against the ‘Big Six’ is amazing. He has endorsed them 38 goals since he made his Premier debut in 2015. The defeat of Arsenal marks the first game that the Gunners have lost at the Emirates in Premier in all of 2020.

Arsenal started in its most dominating version. And when the clock ticked only the 5th minute, Lacazette headed a cross from the corner of Ceballos that ended with the ball inside the goal of Schmeichel. The Gunners team was ahead early, but on review, the referee determined that Xhaka prevented the goalkeeper from intervening and disallowed the goal. A very controversial decision that left the score in a tie.

Arsenal vs Leicester: Vardy gives Leicester victory against Arsenal at the Emirates 48 years later !!!

After that, Arsenal continued attacking and dominating and had dangerous arrivals. The clearest was for Lacazette. A perfect game change by David Luis was picked up by Tierney, who with control got away from the defender, raised his head, and put a perfect cross for the French forward. Simply putting his head would have been enough to score, but Lacazette did not make contact with the ball. The first part of gunner dominance in which Leicester attacking players hardly had a role.

The second 45 minutes began with setbacks for Arteta. In one of the first actions, Gabriel gave the ball to Madison, who searched for Barnes with a pass that was imprecise. Although that did not prevent the physical effort of Arsenal’s defense when it came to retreating, and that was precisely what cost David Luis to leave the game after reaching for the back of his right thigh. Mustafi came in as his replacement. The game gradually gained pace, and Leicester, unlike in the first half, began to argue over Arsenal’s dominance.

In those, Rodgers gave entry to Vardy, today a substitute. And it was the English striker who broke the tie on the scoreboard with ten from the end. A ball into space on Under, who had entered minutes before, ended with a center from the Turk who only had to put the head Vardy to turn it into a goal. Bellerin, before Vardy’s entry, personified Arsenal’s most important occasion. He finished off a good center from Aubameyang on the left with a great save from Schmeichel. But beyond that, Arteta’s team did not put the visiting goal in trouble. With the victory, Leicester placed fourth in the standings, just one point behind Liverpool and Everton, who share the lead, thanks to the three out of three that the foxers have at home in this Premier. Meanwhile, Arsenal remains in tenth place, one point behind European positions.

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