Aston Villa vs Manchester United: Man Utd complete record weak of wins over Villa

Aston Villa vs Manchester United: Man Utd complete record weak of wins over Villa

Aston Villa vs Manchester United (0-3): Manchester United has joined that select club of winners one way or another. He cannot be reproached for anything but in any case; acknowledge the metamorphosis he has since the arrival of Bruno Fernandes in Manchester. He can play better or worse; more colorful or more discreet as he happened at times against Aston Villa; although the team is not willing to lose sight of either Leicester or Chelsea. He wants to enter the Champions League and is not going to throw in the towel because he has options (0-3).

Solskjaer is not afraid to burn his boys despite the fact that more than one of them begins to weigh his legs. At this point, the fatigue is contested with a champion mentality; just the one that not only has Bruno Fernandes but also Pogba, Greenwood, Martial, and Rashford. They do not take a breather because the Premier lives its last breaths. Perhaps that is why United wins as it is and benefits from dubious plays; such as the penalty on the Portuguese, who deceived Reina in the execution.

Aston Villa vs Manchester United: Match Overview

The 0-1 showed that luck usually accompanies who is better; however much Aston Villa made merits to score. Trezeguet found the wood after a loss of Pogba, somewhat confused in the first half. But United no longer needs only choral performances because it also wins thanks to knowing how to take advantage of other people’s mistakes. An oversight by Mings gave him the 0-2 this time with the right hand; the young Greenwood armed the leg and is still news.

Aston Villa vs Manchester United: Man Utd complete record weak of wins over Villa

Southgate has not yet had time to call him but his presence with England is going to drop under his own weight. United is in fashion and anyone joins the car. Not only the young Englishman but Pogba has also found his place; leading the 0-3 after a beautiful shot from the front. Much better in the second act, the Manchester team stretched and overwhelmed an Aston Villa that lost steam and enthusiasm, conditioned by its critical situation in the league.

There was no sign of Grealish, an excellent footballer who is going to raffle some in England. It is not for less because it has sounded strongly for teams like United or City, enough to realize that it has a Duende. He did not stand out against the Solskjaer team, which does not stop winning and winning. At this rate the Champions League does not seem unattainable but rather a challenge more than possible because neither Chelsea nor Leicester are more reliable. He has four endings left to endorse.

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